14th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2024

Event Information

In recent years, China’s large aircraft industry has received great attention from governments at all levels and key support from national industrial policies. China has successively issued a number of policies to encourage the development and innovation of the large aircraft industry, and industrial policies such as the Outline for the Development of Green Aviation Manufacturing Industry (2023-2035), the Outline for Strategic Planning of Expanding Domestic Demand (2022-2035), and the Circular on the Consolidation of the Trend of Rebounding and Upward and Reinforcement of the Industrial Economy, etc., have provided the development of the large aircraft industry with a clear and broad market prospect, and a favorable production and operation environment for the enterprises. favorable production and operation environment for enterprises.

Since 2009 CAlIF has been successfully held for 13 sessions,attracting nearly 5,500 industry experts and representatives from more than 35 countries and thousands of companies around the world to participate. Previously held in Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenyang Nanchang and Chengdu in conjunction with the host factory of the aviation industry group.The successful holding of the forum has promoted a more active atmosphere of industrial exchanges. Under the model of conference with exhibitions,it has promoted exchanges and cooperation between upstream and downstream.

Under this background, it is of great practical significance and practical demand that the Forum is held in Xi’an City, a nationally recognized aviation industry town. The forum aims to face the current severe international situation and the development challenges of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and 2035 Vision, mobilize all parties in the industry to cooperate and seize the opportunities to jointly promote the rapid development of China’s civil aviation industry.

Hot Topics

  1. Science and Technology Innovation to Promote High-Quality Development of Equipment Manufacturing Industry
  2. Cooperation on the Bilateral Airworthiness to Promote the Aviation Product Internationalization
  3. Comprehensively Promote the High-quality Development of Civil Aviation Industry
  4. Lead the Digital Transformation of Aerospace Manufacturing
  5. High Quality Development of Civil Aircraft Supply Chain
  6. Development and Outlook of New Energy Aircraft
  7. Sustainable Aviation Development Powered by Innovation
  8. Construction of the Civil Aircraft Supply Chain System

Organizing Committee

Hosted by

  • Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Supported by

  • AVlC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group Company Ltd.

Organized by

  • AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd.
  • Airport New City Administrative Committee, Shaanxi Xixian New Area
  • Shanghai Membership Workstation of CSAA
  • Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

Co-organized by

  • Shaanxi Society of Aeronautics and Astronqutics
  • Xi’an National Aviation Industry Base Enterprise
  • Beiiing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone(Langfang)Administrative Committee

Collaborative Journals

  • Advances in Aeronautical Science and Engineering
  • Journal of Materials Engineering
  • Journal Of Aeronautical Materials


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