WTCE introduces new Wellbeing Walk-Through feature for 2023

Event World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo 2024
Organiser Reed Exhibitions
Event Date 28.05.2024
Press Release Date 17.05.2023

New for 2023, the organisers of World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) have launched the Wellbeing Walk-Through, which will spotlight exhibitors with products and services that cater to passenger wellbeing needs. Developed in response to industry interest in traveller comfort and wellness, the show-floor feature will highlight the importance of wellbeing onboard and how it is playing a significant role in the regrowth of the industry since the pandemic.

The new Wellbeing Walk-Through will feature 32 exhibitors specialising in products, services, and solutions that will enhance passengers’ comfort, health and overall travel experience. These range from active noise cancelling headphones, jet lag solutions, amenity kits and luxurious bedding, to functional food and drink offerings, as well as eco-friendly beauty and oral care products, all designed to improve health and wellness both onboard and longer-term.

Visitors will be able to navigate the Wellbeing Walk-Through at the event by following stickers on exhibitor stands, as well as discovering those who are part of the new feature via the WTCE Mobile App and floorplans around the event.

A taste of wellness in the air

Among the exhibitors included within the Wellbeing Walk-Through will be a host of food and drink companies with a myriad of products promising to improve wellbeing. Consumers increasingly expect a varied menu onboard that caters to their different health and wellbeing requirements, so it’s important that airlines and rail operators explore how they can meet these expectations if they are to earn brand loyalty and repeat custom.

Catering for the vegan market and for health-conscious passengers onboard, start-up business Elevate Granola will exhibit its high-quality Gourmet Granola for a healthy breakfast and snacking option, whilst 5th Season Fruit will showcase its freeze-dried nutritious snacks that will offer passengers a delicious and convenient healthy snack in the air.

Elsewhere, manufacturers of gluten-free, vegan, halal and Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) options will take to the show floor, including Skinny Genie Gluten Free, which will showcase its range of sweet and savoury snacks that include pre-prepared meals and sandwiches, energy bars, snack boxes and other healthy offerings for those following a gluten-free diet.

Serving up memorable meals, the Cuisine Solutions’ stand will attract visitors on the Wellbeing Walk-Through with live chef demonstrations to showcase the innovative recipes served onboard that offer passengers nutritious foods and a varied, flexible, flavourful menu for enhanced wellbeing.

Catering for a sober curious market

Visitors embarking on the Wellbeing Walk-Through journey will come across a variety of exhibitors specialising in no/low-alcoholic beverages, including premium non-alcoholic sparkling drinks brand So Jennie Paris. Hand-blended from the finest selected grape musts, So Jennie produces 0% alcohol sparkling wines that are low in calories and provide alcohol-free passengers with an ideal alternative to traditional French sparkling wines.

Additionally, exhibiting at WTCE for the first time, natural juice and smoothie manufacturer innocent Drinks will showcase its range of nutritional juices to offer passengers a healthier soft drink option. James White Drinks Ltd will also take to the WTCE show floor for the first time to introduce its organic and classic fruit and vegetable juices, as well as awakening the taste buds of those on the Wellbeing Walk-Through with its new Zinger shots, packed full of health benefits.

Eliminating stress onboard

With 33% – 40% of all people experiencing some form of anxiety when it comes to flying[1], the demand for products to reduce passenger stress onboard is strong. Supplying inflight products to the industry for 20 years, Azusa Corporation Ltd. will demonstrate how its extensive range of noise cancelling headphones can help passengers enjoy the sensory experience of music and food together to bring out the flavour whilst enhancing the inflight atmosphere to maximise relaxation.

Also bringing its range of premium inflight products, FORMIA will return to impress attendees with its latest variety of comfort items, cosmetics and toiletries and amenity kits, all created with conscious design and responsible production methods to enhance the passenger experience.

Furthermore, pioneering oral care brand Sonisk is planning to mark its territory in the onboard industry with its unique, portable electric toothbrush range, the Sonisk pulse. Attendees will be able to view the latest amenity kit solution for oral care hygiene onboard, as backed by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, Touker Suleyman. Also revolutionising health and wellness onboard by providing eco-friendly and innovative products, The Humble Co., will enable visitors to source sustainable Oral Care solutions to help passengers maintain their oral hygiene routines whilst travelling.

WTCE Event Director, Polly Magraw, commented: “It’s clear that the industry is making progress when it comes to wellness onboard, and the introduction of the Wellbeing Walk-Through will help guide visitors on a path to discovering the latest products in this space. As a concept, mental and physical wellbeing in the air has certainly gained traction in recent years, with passengers expecting an enjoyable, comfortable and where possible, healthy journey when travelling. As a result, the responsibility is on the airlines to source the innovations that will facilitate this, and ultimately deliver an onboard experience that sets them apart from the competition. We have a lot of exhibitors offering products in the wellness space throughout the Wellbeing Walk-Through and I’m very much looking forward to seeing our visitors making the most of the new feature.”

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