World’s Leading Baggage Handling Systems Masterclass

Event Baggage Handling Systems Masterclass
Organiser Equip Global Pte Ltd
Event Date 08.07.2019
Press Release Date 13.05.2019

Baggage Handling Systems are hugely complicated and is made up of different processes and checks. Ensuring Baggage Handling Systems function at high efficiency and performance with minimal disruptions is hugely critical to any airport operations and the passenger experience.

If you are an airport operator, airport authority or airline operator looking to understand better how baggage handling systems can be designed, engineering, managed, operated, installed and maintained OR if you are looking to streamline and improve on your current Baggage Handling System Technolgoy and Process to better achieve operational excellence, then Equip Global’s 5 Day Baggage Handling Systems Masterclass will help you and your team achieve your learning objectives.

This masterclass will be jam-packed with global case studies, best practice strategies, practical exercises and real industry practices, so that attendees can put in action proven techniques and practices that will improve your baggage handling systems upon returning to your organization.

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