Terminal Expo Istanbul 2017

Event Terminal Expo – Passenger Terminal Industries, Equipment and Technologies Exhibition
Organiser TG Expo International Fairs Inc. Co.
Event Date 01.11.2018
Press Release Date 13.06.2017

Turkish Ministry of Transportation and TG Expo would like to inform you about the International Terminal Exhibition.

Although nations in the Region – extending from the Balkans to the Turkish Republics of Central Asia – have their own peculiarities, the similarities in the long time accumulated and newly emerging needs in view of the aviation and airport industries, far more exceed those differences.

Having entered the era of restructuring and investment earlier than most nations in the Region, Turkey sets a perfect benchmark for the said markets and thus, plays an important pioneering role both for the aviation and airport industries in Eurasia and the Middle East.

Whether its air, land, sea or rail roads, terminals are the must have locations to spend time while waiting on any journey. Systematic operations, comfort level of the waiting areas and safety.

Technologies at terminals are improving everyday, and every industrial improvement is making our lives easier. This year, Terminal Expo which is the most important platform that responds to the growing terminal industries expanding through land, air, sea ways and railroad network projects, is going to be organized by TG Expo.

Airport Passenger Graphic In Turkey:

World’s Biggest Airport of the World:

  • Turkey has several big-scale projects that need commercial partners, such as the New Istanbul Airport, biggest airport to be in the world with 150 million passenger capacity.
  • Terminal Exhibition will take place on 14.000 square meters space.
  • Exhibitors will meet with project owners and operators such as TAV and IGA who has been in our valuable network for years.
  • We hereby will be proud to annouce that Terminal Expo is fully sported by the Turkish Ministry of Transportation.
  • You can Click Here to see the recommendation letter of Turkish Ministry of Transportation.

To know more about the exhibition, visit the website http://www.terminalexpo.com/index-eng.html


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