Standing Still is not an option

Organiser Nineteen Events
Event Date 28.11.2018
Press Release Date 28.11.2017

Stand still and in reality, you go backwards. The way technologies are demonstrated to those who need them can’t stand still either. We at the UK Security Expo are determined to deliver the best possible experience for all of our visitors, but to do that we need to deliver the best possible options for our conference attendees and of course our exhibitors.

2018 sees us going one step further. We have decided to dedicate a large central area of exhibition floor space to a Protecting Urban Spaces demonstrator. It will have different sections such as bridges, an urban environment and a crowded places environment, all set out to allow companies to demonstrate physical and technological solutions which can help protect them. So, we will see bollards, blocks, street furniture, planters and more, over-watched by CCTV, high throughput screening and of course feeding into a control area.

The feature will act as the home for scenarios for live demonstrations to be played out, giving a real understanding of the technologies that are available all of the time and in response to an incident, in as realistic an environment as can be built in an exhibition.

Design is critical and we will be working with an industry leading architect to get our ambitious project right. Roger Cumming from Fenley Martel will be providing some of the detailed security design advice and said, “I want to ensure as realistic a display as possible but also to show how security should be seen as an enabler, to encourage people to use an urban space and feel safe when doing so.”

Engineering the integration is also important and we have Andrew Sieradzki from BuroHappold Engineering ensuring that integration reflects best practice. “This presents a unique opportunity to ‘walk through’ an urban streetscape that integrates both the physical, technical and operational measures – alongside the architecturally considered form and function. This demonstrator will depict the macro design considerations of a public realm security design at a ‘micro’ level, allowing visitors to interact with all relevant security measures to really get a practical understanding of their capabilities.”

Nicola Greenaway-Fuller, the Managing Director of Nineteen Events who are delivering the UK Security Expo said, “I don’t want people to have to visualise integrated solutions, I am excited that we will demonstrate integrated solutions as part of the event. If a picture paints a thousand words, a visual live demonstration, with government agency and expert participation, gives the un-put-down able book on the subject.”

A formal Request for Participation (RFP) will be issued early in the New Year and it is anticipated that interest will be very high but if you want to register your interest early then please email Nicola Greenaway-Fuller at


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