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SWISS bids farewell to a fleet icon

After more than 27 years of service with Swissair and SWISS, Airbus A321 HB-IOC, the oldest member of the SWISS fleet, has made its final flight. The aircraft, which was widely known as the ‘Olympic Plane’ in view of its IOC (International Olympic Committee) registration, was flown to Castellón in Spain, where it was subsequently […]

SWISS opens new-look Non-Schengen Lounge at Zurich Airport

SWISS is reopening its Non-Schengen Lounge in Zurich Airport’s Terminal D. Extending over 650 square metres, the fully refurbished lounge offers travellers a comfortable retreat with appealing views of the airport’s apron activity and the Alps beyond. The lounge is available to all Business Class and First Class travellers along with Senators and HON Circle […]

Four Airlines of the Lufthansa Group to Serve Vilnius Airport

From the end of March, “Lufthansa”, one of Europe’s leading airlines, will operate direct scheduled flights with four of its group airlines for the first time in history at Vilnius Airport. “Lufthansa”, “Swiss”, “Austrian Airlines” and “Brussels Airlines”, all part of the German capital group, will fly passengers to four destinations. According to representatives of […]

SWISS expands its ‘Green Fares’ Europewide

Following successful trials in Scandinavia, SWISS is expanding its ‘Green Fares’ programme throughout Europe together with the Lufthansa Group. With SWISS’s Green Fares, the offsetting of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the customer’s air travel is included in the price. The new Green Fare option complements SWISS’s existing range of products in the sustainability […]

SWISS extends Premium Economy Class to its Airbus A340 fleet

SWISS has begun installing its new Premium Economy Class on its Airbus A340-300 fleet. The first such aircraft completed – HB-JMB – departed for Johannesburg yesterday evening on its first flight with the new seating class installed. All four of SWISS’s Airbus A340s will be equipped with Premium Economy by April, from when the new […]

SWISS becomes the world’s first passenger airline to adopt carbon-efficient AeroSHARK technology

On Friday SWISS became the first airline in the world to deploy the innovative AeroSHARK technology on its passenger services. The transparent AeroSHARK film which has been applied to its aircraft’s fuselage and engine nacelles replicates the hydrodynamic skin of a shark to reduce aerodynamic drag and, as a result, lower both inflight fuel consumption […]

SWISS plans collaboration with Air Baltic in the coming winter schedules

SWISS has agreed a collaboration with Air Baltic of Latvia for the coming winter timetable period. The partnership is intended to further stabilize SWISS’s flight schedules and provide even more reliability for its customers’ travel plans. It should also further ease the present pressures on the company’s cabin personnel. The collaboration envisages Air Baltic operating […]

SWISS expands its customers’ carbon-neutral air travel options

SWISS is introducing a new ‘Green Fare’ for customers flying from Denmark, Sweden or Norway which ensures that the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their air travel are fully offset through the use of sustainable aviation fuel and investments in climate protection projects. SWISS customers’ use of the carbon-neutral flying option has increased tenfold since […]

SWISS now offers carbon-neutral air travel options directly in flight booking process

SWISS has newly integrated the options it offers its customers to make their air travel carbon-neutral into the flight booking process. The new facility makes it much easier for the customer to purchase sustainable aviation fuel or to invest in the climate protection projects of the Swiss-based myclimate foundation. Further sustainability options are also being […]

SWISS and business travel provider Finass team up to further promote sustainable air travel

SWISS has concluded a new partnership with Finass, the business travel provider. Under the collaboration – the first of its kind in Switzerland – Finass will work with SWISS to offer its corporate customers the use of sustainable aviation fuel in their air travel activities, to make these carbon-neutral. Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and […]