SWISS reduces food waste with ‘SWISS Saveurs Pre-Order’ and ‘SWISS Saveurs To Go’

SWISS has launched two new initiatives to sustainably reduce the food waste within its SWISS Saveurs catering concept for Economy Class travellers on its short- and medium-haul flights. Under ‘SWISS Saveurs Pre-Order’ customers can individually order any of the freshly prepared items on the SWISS Saveurs menu in advance of their flight. And with ‘SWISS Saveurs To Go’ passengers on the last evening flights of the day can purchase any remaining freshly prepared SWISS Saveurs items at substantially reduced prices.

With effect from today, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) now offers its Economy Class guests on its short- and medium-haul services the option of ordering any items they desire from the current SWISS Saveurs menu online in advance of their flight. The range of items available extends to all freshly prepared products such as the salads, sweet bakery items and sandwiches made to the recipes of Confiserie Sprüngli, Switzerland’s renowned confectioner, along with the Beyond Meat Burger which is offered on longer flights. Any of these items can be easily pre-ordered up to 36 hours before departure via the separate booking link. The new option is available for all short- and medium-haul services from or to Zurich or Geneva of more than 50 minutes flying time from 20 April onwards. Customers will only pay for their pre-ordered item when it is served to them by the cabin crew in the course of their flight, and will also obtain it at a discounted price.

Reducing waste and avoiding having to unnecessarily dispose of unused food items have a vital place in our overall sustainability strategy,” explains SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “In providing this new pre-ordering option, we aim to further enhance our ability to align the production of our freshly prepared inflight food items to customer demand, and thereby reduce the volumes of unused food products that we have to dispose of on board.

It’s with the same aims in mind that SWISS is launching a further inflight initiative on 20 April, too. Under ‘SWISS Saveurs To Go’, the cabin crews on the last evening flights of the day back to Zurich and Geneva will, after the regular inflight service, offer their passengers the opportunity to obtain any still-unsold SWISS Saveurs items freshly prepared from Confiserie Sprüngli recipes. The availability of such items will be communicated via an inflight announcement shortly before landing; and, if available, the products concerned will be offered in the form of a ‘surprise bag’ containing one or two such freshly prepared items which has been made up by the cabin crew, and at a substantially reduced price.