Easily Extinguish and Safely Store Lithium-Ion Batteries That Catch Fire in Aircraft

XBAG GmbH specialise in providing safety equipment for the fighting of lithium Ion battery fires and their safe storage.

The Story
Founded in 2017 the XBAG GmbH, became part of the SACS Boysen Aerospace group which is an international group of companies specializing in the production and distribution of parts and equipment within the aerospace industry – ranging from standard parts to complex prototype manufacturing. In order to ensure a continuous high quality, the SACS Boysen Aerospace Group is only using qualified suppliers and modern manufacturing technologies. With the XBAG GmbH, the SACS/ Boysen Aerospace Group developed a safe and effective solution in suppressing battery fires aboard on airplanes for the first time ever.

Our Mission
A small but very experienced team of specialists is able to provide you with tailor made solution in the event of a lithium ion battery fire. Our Product spectrum ranges from safety kits for the cabin and cockpit, as well as for the cargo hold of the airplane.

Our mission is to provide safety systems that can easily extinguish and store lithium ion battery fires while on board of an Aircraft or other Vessels.

Company Profile

  • Ensuring Battery Fires Can Pack Their Bags - The New High Flyer In Terms Of Safety

    Airline passengers bring a multitude of electronic devices on board today – and with them a significant risk: Smartphones, tablets or notebooks contain lithium-ion batteries that could spontaneously ignite. Yet the new XBAG takes away this danger: In contrast to standard fire extinguishers, it immediately cools down ignited batteries to room temperature and stops the fire. In addition, the XBAG enables the safe storage of the affected device until the next landing. All this makes it an indispensable companion on every flight.

    The innovative XBAG makes what was previously inconceivable possible: quickly and easily extinguishing battery fires.

    Packed Full of Unique Benefits

    • Minimizes the risk of an emergency landing and helps to save costs.
    • Is easy to operate without the need for extensive training.
    • Is especially compact and space saving.

    3 year service life without maintenance

  • Easily Extinguish And Safely Store Lithium-Ion Batteries That Catch Fire In Aircraft

    The Extinguishing Agent

    • Immediately Cools Down The Extremely Hot Battery.
    • Is Fully Biodegradable.
    • Eliminates The Risk Of Fire In Seconds.
    • Free Of Aerosole & Free Of Pressure

    The Bag

    • Enables The Safe Storage Of Extinguished Devices.
    • Reduces The Risk Of Explosion After The Fire Has Been Extinguished.
    • Withstands Temperatures Of Up To 1000°C.
    • Holds Back Toxic Vapors.
  • A Maximum Level Of Fire Safety Down To The Smallest Detail

    High-tech features and the highest level of safety are closely interwoven in the XBAG: The bag is made out of an innovative glass fabric that is crisscrossed with tear-resistant steel threads. It thus not only resists external loads – but also internal explosions.

    In addition, the special seal on the seams and a silicone coating guarantee that neither corrosive liquids nor hazardous gases can escape.

  • The Blueprint For Efficient Firefighting

    The Bag:
    The XBAG is manufactured out of an extremely abrasion-resistant and durable special fabric. The seams are exclusively made out of materials that comply with strict aviation standards. The bag can thus withstand temperatures of up to 1000 °C. Furthermore, the XBAG comes with safety gloves for safely storing hot devices in the bag.

    The fire extinguisher:
    The newly developed formula for the extinguishing agent contains a high proportion of water to deliver the tremendous cooling effect. Both of the fire extinguishers included in the XBAG are based on a non-pressurized discharge system. There is thus no risk of an oxyhydrogen gas explosion. At the same time, the system ensures that the extinguishers deliver their full performance even when turned upside down.

    all 3-years

    17-inch Notebook


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