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TotalEnergies Aviation - a major global player in the field of aeronautical fueling

TotalEnergies is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of aviation fuel, in France, in Europe and Africa. General aviation, business aviation, airports and airlines: each and every one of those customers receives a personal service offer tailored to its needs. In the world, TotalEnergies supplies 280 airlines in 300 airports around the world. TotalEnergies fuels are manufactured under the strictest quality controls and to the highest international standards. As founding member of JIG (Joint Inspection Group), TotalEnergies participates in the elaboration of the standards shaping the industry. Backed by 60 years of experience, TotalEnergies Aviation is the partner for the development of your airport facilities.



JET A-1 is an aviation fuel which is suitable for most jet aircraft. It meets stringent international requirements, particularly those of the latest versions of the AFQRJOS, the British DefStan 91-091 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard, and …


AVGAS UL 91 is cleaner for the environment in our general aviation network. It is a new fuel aimed at the general aviation market.UL 91 is a colourless, unleaded aviation gasoline that we designed initially based …


Avgas 100LL is a gasoline specially designed for piston engine aircraft. Avgas 100LL is a product blended in refineries which has a blue dye added. "100" is the octane number and "LL" stands for Low Lead content. TotalEnergies …

Company News

Greener Fuels for Aviation

In a market that’s still under construction today, aviation biofuels are set to develop in the years to come, driven by more coercive public policies. In the long run, i.e. by 2050, their use could …

TotalEnergies and Gaussin Developing World's 1st Full Electric Aircraft Refueller Transporter

Gaussin and TotalEnergies are jointly developing the world's first full electric ART FULL ELEC® (Aircraft Refueller Transporter). Planned for the Airbus industrial site in Toulouse, this prototype will be capable of towing two fuel tankers, with …

A hybrid refuelling truck to curb airport carbon emissions

To reduce carbon emissions from its operations, TotalEnergies is investing massively to renew and convert its fleet of refuelling trucks. All-electric models are on their way in addition to hybrid versions, which have the advantage …

Saft, a historic aviation battery manufacturer and a subsidiary of the TotalEnergies Group

Founded in 1918, Saft has been an aviation market player since 1932 through two main business activities. Its batteries are used both to start engines or the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and to provide emergency …

TotalEnergies commits to curbing its CO2 emissions

Aware of the environmental challenges that go with its operations at its customers' airports, TotalEnergies is involved in an initiative to improve its carbon footprint. Multiple projects are on the drawing board while others are …


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