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Sustainable Non-Food Bamboo Products for Airlines

Based in Amsterdam, The Bamboovement was founded to raise consciousness on the rapid increase of global plastic consumption. Dozens of single-use plastic items can’t be recycled, including: cotton buds, toothbrushes, straws, disposable cups, not-rinsed shampoo bottles, cutlery.

More legislation has been set in place by local governments as well as national and supranational institutions. An example is the ban on a dozen plastic items set by the EU in 2021.

By providing high-end sustainable alternatives for plastic products to the hospitality, travel and food industry we aim to cut out single-use plastic products.

The Bamboovement embraces the idea that simple sustainable actions put together make a positive change. This starts with the use of a sustainable material that inspires eco-lifestyles that are beneficial to our planet’s wellbeing. Leading us towards a cleaner world for all living beings.

As our products are reusable they also make for a great gift and allows passengers to use them after their flights as well. Which supports a greater decrease in the usage of plastic products and stimulates an increasing global awareness regarding plastic pollution.

We place high value on communication with our clients in order to establish long-term relationships. Maintaining close contact with the clients plays a key role in our vision. Which is to provide our clients with our products according to their personal preferences.

The Bamboovement is involved with the contemporary issue of our global plastic problem. Our products are sourced from certified quality bamboo, guaranteeing natural and aesthetic alternatives for our customers. We are exporting our products worldwide to increase a global consciousness.

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Sustainable Travel Set

The Bamboovement is all about traveling sustainable. Our new eco-friendly travel set can’t make it any easier. We offer a pillow pack filled with different amenities for the perfect start of your passenger’s trip. Contains: Pillow pack: …

Bamboo Comb

The Bamboovement’s bamboo comb is an essential for every amenity kit. They are lightweight, sturdy and are completely biodegradable. It’s a minimalist comb perfect for all types of hair. Conveniently compact perfect for all your on-the-go needs.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

The bamboo cotton buds are created to reduce the amount of single-use plastics. The sticks are made out of bamboo instead of plastic and therefore giving them an extra bit of sturdiness - making them …

Toothpaste tablets

Our toothpaste tablets are the sustainable alternative to regular toothpaste. They are 100% plastic-free, ecological and free from preservatives, artificial stabilizers, micro-plastics, and any other unnecessary ingredients! Conventional toothpaste consists of approximately 50 percent water. In …

Bamboo Toothbrush

The biodegradable toothbrush of The Bamboovement is perfect when you’re looking for new ways to reduce your own ecological footprint. The brush hairs are made of BPA-free nylon, making the toothbrush 95% biodegradable. You can …

Bamboo Toothbrush Case

No more dirty toothbrushes with a bamboo case. Wherever you go, you can always safely store your toothbrush. Making it the most chosen match with our bamboo toothbrush. Content: Bamboo toothbrush case bamboo toothbrush – take …

AMSTERDAM Bamboo Sunglasses

Every bamboo sunglass is unique in its own way with its own bamboo patterns. Our sunglasses are as light as a feather, making it perfect to take with you on flights. We guarantee you will …

BALI Bamboo Sunglasses

Every bamboo sunglass is unique in its own way with its own bamboo patterns. Our sunglasses are as light as a feather, making it perfect to take with you on flights. We guarantee you will …

Bamboo Straws with Cleaning Brush

Flying off to an idyllic beach or did you forget to bring home a souvenir? Sipping your drink with our organic straws will bring you right back to that tropical beach where you were sipping …

Bamboo Tableware

Are you looking for a beautiful alternative for your inflight plastic tableware? Our bamboo tableware will do your onboard catering justice by providing it with that extra touch of pureness.

Bamboo Cups

We offer disposable as well as reusable bamboo cups. Both are perfect for reducing the amount of plastic on your aircrafts. The disposable ones are ideal to replace your standard plastic cups and are completely biodegradable. Our …

Company News

The Bamboovement at WTCE in Hamburg

The Bamboovement will be attending the WTCE in Hamburg from the 31st of March till the 2nd of April. We will be exhibiting our plastic-free amenity sets consisting of natural and innovative products. Find us …

Sustainability made profitable by The Bamboovement and HappyTabs

The Bamboovement and HappyTabs have created a partnership to deliver a set of products that will make amenity kits more sustainable and lightweight. A bamboo toothbrush and several natural toothpaste tablets are designed in such …

The European parliament overwhelmingly backed an extensive ban on plastic products last month

In an effort to address global plastic pollution the top 10 plastic items that are found in our oceans and waterways will be banned by 2021. The proposed legislation includes items like plastic straws, cotton …

Cutting weight on your aircraft while being sustainable? Our bamboo products are the answer!

Cutting weight by swapping your cutlery and toothbrushes on your aircraft won’t just save you on fuel costs, your passengers will love the feeling to be able to travel plastic-free. Our toothbrushes (without travel case) …


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