Terinex Ltd

Manufacturer & Distributor Of In Flight Oven Bags And Catering Products

Terinex is a Manufacturer and Distributor Of In Flight Oven Bags And Catering Products.

Terinex, UK manufacturers in Bedford, England. Exporting to over 50 countries, with a worldwide reputation for our specialist technology in manufacturing polyester bags.

Products in the range include TSP02 PET Oven bags, Heatsealable Flow Wrap (TSP03 ovenable and non-ovenable), Facial tissues, Bakewell baking parchment, Cling film, Aluminium foil and a range of catering disposables.

Quality is assured through comprehensive in-house quality controls and independent quality accreditation’s including ISO9001 and British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation for consumer products. Terinex recognise a duty to care for our environment and work to the internationally recognised Environmental Management system ISO14001.

Company Profile

  • In-flight Oven Bags

    Terinex is the largest supplier of PET oven bags to the travel industry. Oven bags are a very cost effective and hygienic method of transporting bakery products such as bread rolls and croissants etc. from the bakery to the point of use, allowing the bakery products to be heated if required prior to serving to your passengers without further handling.

    Terinex oven bags are great for finishing part baked bakery products. Inserted into oven bags these products can be stored in a fridge or freezer and the cooking process can be completed when required giving an appealing fresh baked taste. (temp range -30C to 230C)

    Oven Bags are very versatile and can be used for batch cooking of Meats / Vegetables etc and food-to-go concepts. Numerous sizes available, from small to large, with varying options for perforation and logo print to fit your needs, we are the specialists to help guide you with fresh ideas and help with your Oven Bag requirements.  TSP02 also available in Sheet format.

  • Heat Sealable Flow-wrap Film

    Terinex TSP03 is an oven safe catering film that can be heat sealed, making it ideal for the flow wrapping of food products and lidding applications (seals to itself and APET/CPET trays, APET coated board, PVdc, PVC and Aluminium Foil).

    TSP03 Specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 200°C and down to -40°C, TSP03 is available in various thickness, lengths and widths to fit all systems. Also available with various perforation options to fit your needs.

    Ideal film option for the industrial bakery/catering facilities when using VFF/HFFS machines.

    Non-ovenable Flow-wrap is also available where ovenable characteristics are not required.

  • In-flight Facial Tissues

    Soft, two-ply own brand Cloudsoft or Private Label tissues supplied in a handy dispenser box. Designed to fit the industry standard size tissue covers used by many airlines the dispenser packs and are equally at home in hotel bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Our standard dispenser box contains 100 soft, white two-ply tissues and is perfect tasks such as cosmetics removal and for tackling winter sniffles.  Ensuring good hygiene practices.

  • Hot/Cold Towels

    Quality dry compressed and compact towels; easy to store and use on-board. Just add hot or cold water, unfold and ready to use.

    • Non-woven fabric made of 100% natural pulp
    • No Additives, Chemicals, Alcohols or Scents
    • All natural, Hypoallergenic, Anti-bacterial
    • Suitable for all ages and skin types
    • 100% Biodegradable – 100% environmentally friendly
    • Soft, compact (circa 19mm in diameter) and light in weight
    • Disposable and Economical in cost
    • Opens to full size 22 x 24cm wipe


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