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Lightweight Foam & Rigid Plastic Sheets for Seats, Cabin Interiors & Monuments

Tekspan is one of the Sogimi Group companies, national leader in manufacturing and distribution of cellular foams and plastic sheets.

Tekspan is specialized in 3D convertion of very high technical foams (PE, PVDF, graphite PU foam), compliant to FAR/CS 25.853, suitable for noise reduction, vibration damping, sealing and soft parts for seats to improve the comfort sensation and lighten the weight in cabin interiors.

Tekspan is focused to technological innovation, using advanced equipment such as 5 axes climate controlled milling machine center (unique in Europe), water jet cutting system 3 axes and 5 axes, thermoforming ovens, die cuttings and hot lamination machine.

Tekspan S.p.A. works since 2013 under the quality system management EN 9100:2009. In 2017 renewed its certification, achieving the new standard EN 9100:2016.

Company Profile

  • Our Company

    Tekspan plant is based in Turin, in the north – western part of Italy.

    The plant, after a sensible renewal, is now 6000 sqm of covered areas dedicated to production activities, 600 sqm dedicated to all our offices and more than 5000 sqm of external areas; 200 sqm of these covered areas are dedicated exclusively to the assembly and finishing of customized foam elements.

    Actually the company has 80 employees, 4 of those dedicated to the engineering department, and invests around 15% of its turnover in research & development activites, marketing activities and upgrades of manufacturing processes.

  • Capabilities

    • Reverse engineering of existing parts to be replaced
    • Design aid when required
    • Finishing operations in clean room
    • Full in-house manufacturing
  • What We Do

    • Seats soft parts (e.g. cushion, backrest, armrest)
    • Carpet underlay
    • Soft touch trim for upholstery, leather & fabrics
    • Sealing gaskets
    • Gap fillers
    • 100% customization
    • Small series (even less than 5 pieces)
  • Case Study – Insulation proposal for window shade

    During flight phases (ascent, cruise, and descent) windows are subjected to strong fogging and ice formation. That has been the reason why an insulation between the fuselage and the window shade become compulsory.

    To view the Tekspan solution click here.


Tekspan Spa | Sogimi Group
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