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Portable Weighing Equipment for Aircraft Weighing

Teknoscale Ltd is a Finnish high tech company manufacturing portable weighing equipment for aircraft weighing. We have several years of experience in manufacturing weighing equipment for several purposes. All our scales are of our own design and manufactured in Finland. We service and calibrate our own scales and also from other manufacturers. We have an EU type certificate for our Evocar scales.

Our EVOPLANE scales are used by the technical services of airlines, when the planes must be weighed during a larger maintenance work.

Teknoscale’s portable weighing equipment series consists of 4 different types of scales:

  • EVOPLANE LARGE scales for weighing of big planes (e.g. B787 and A380)
  • EVOPLANE MIDI for weighing A320 or B737 size planes
  • EVOPLANE SMALL for weighing regional plane types
  • EVOJET scales for weighing of fighter planes and

Take a look at our website: www.teknoscale.com, where you can see how to weigh an airplane using our aircraft scales. From the website you can also download brochures of our portable weighing equipment and weighing scales.

Our portable weighing equipment is available both in manually readable version and wireless version. The wireless scales are equipped with radio modems for transferring the weighing data without any cable connections straight to a computer. We supply a weighing program, free of charge, with our wireless scales.

The quality of our weighing equipment is very high. They are robust, very accurate and have a long life cycle, e.g. the law enforcement in Northern Europe has over twenty years old scales still in use every day.

Click to view our EVOPLANE Brochure:

Company Profile

  • EVOPLANE Portable, Electronic Scales for Weighing Large, Medium or Regional Size Commercial Aircraft

    EVOPLANE scales are very accurate, easy to use and durable.

    With Evoplane you can weigh smaller regional planes as well as jumbo jets. The yearly maintenance costs are low.

    Evoplane is available in 3 versions with a capacity from 15 000 kg up to 30 000 kg/scale. Evoplane SMALL, MIDI and LARGE. Go to our website: www.teknoscale.com/products where you can download the brochure for more information.

    Details of EVOPLANE:

    • The scales are equipped with rollers underneath for easier handling.
    • Built-in wireless data transfer to a PC, no cables
    • Dummy plates
    • Rubber stoppers
    • Transport and storage rack
    • A special van for moving and storing the scales, ramps, dummy plates and computer.
  • EVOJET Scales for Weighing Military Fighter Planes

    Our EVOJET scales are in use for weighing different types of fighter planes.

    • Maximum load of Evojet is 8000 kg/scale
    • Scale division is + 1 kg
    • Dummy plates and ramps of recycled plastic available
    • A special van for storing and moving the scales, ramps, chargers and computer is available on request.

    From our website you can download the brochure: www.teknoscale.com/products.

  • EVOCAR Scales for Weighing Trucks and e.g. Helicopters

    Teknoscale’s EVOCAR scales are used for weighing e.g. fuel tank trucks in airports and heavy vehicles in traffic.

    EVOCAR scales are available both in manually readable and wireless versions.

    See our website for more information and brochures.


  • EVOCARGO Multiple Range Scale for Air Cargo Weighing

    Accurate wireless transfer of weighing data to PC.


    • Model – EVOCARGO 20t
    • Maximum Load of 20,000 kg
    • Weighing area of 1/6000 kg. 2/15,000 kg and 3/20,000 kg
    • Scale division is 10kg, 20kg. 50kg
    • Accuracy of +/- 0.1% of reading
    • LED Display
    • Automatic Resetting
    • Automatic Power cut-off
    • Charging voltage of 115-230V 50-60Hz
    • Operating Temperature of -20 – +50 degrees Celsius
    • Platform size is 600 x 800 mm
    • OIML Certificate of Conformity no. R76/1992-FI-03.02.

    Click here to view the brochure

  • Maintenance and Calibration Services

    Teknoscale Oy services and calibrates both its own scales and those of other manufacturers.

    We have 2 test benches in our premises, so even bigger sized scales can be calibrated by us.


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