TCI Cabin Interior Inc.

Aircraft Cabin Interiors Manufacturer - Aircraft Galleys and Stowages

TCI Cabin Interior Inc. are an Aircraft Cabin Interiors Manufacturer Company for both commercial and military aircrafts – jointly established by Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic and Turkish Aerospace Industries on December 28, 2010.

TCI currently design and manufacture both narrow and wide body commercial aircraft galleys and stowages, VIP galleys, aircraft equipments, provide retrofitting and reparing services.

TCI’s advanced engineering solutions provide major reductions in gross weight of cabin interior products. TCI understands sector needs very well and keeps up a customer-focused approach with smart design philosophy, lightness and durability.

As a strongly established company, TCI has succeeded to receive orders for many prestigious Airbus and Boeing programs. As future challenges arise, TCI is confident in exceeding the demands while maintaining the innovation and quality that remains unmatched.

We spent a lot of time for the details of this business and tried our utmost to not be overlooked any point. As we are TCI, we are aiming to design and produce cabin interior equipment’s at competative prices and superior quality to airline companies. We are aware of the diffuculties that we will face. On the other hand, we know and be confident from the fact that the history of the Partners of TCI is full of achievements and success stories.

Company Profile

  • Quality Aircraft Cabin Interiors

    • Quality functions ranging from fabrication of tools, detail parts, harness, subassembly/assembly parts to end item delivery are carried out systematically and effectively in accordance with the international standards.

    • First Article Inspections; a complete, independent, and documented physical and functional inspection process which is intended to verify that prescribed production methods have produced an acceptable item as specified by contracts, engineering drawings, engineering specification, planning, purchase order and/or other applicable Engineering/Quality requirements.

    • Detail Part, Sub Assembly, Assembly, Harness and End Item Inspections; required visual, dimensional and non destructive inspections such as fluorescent penetrant, eddy currents, are performed in all stages of the production and modification activities in order to ensure product quality.

    • Harness Board Inspections; harness boards used in electrical harness fabrication are controlled at the manufacturing stage, ensuring that all engineering and production requirements are met.

    • Tool Verification/Proof Load; proof loading of manufactured tools is realized to determine whether the produced end items conform to engineering requirements or to ensure detected deficiencies are corrected and product quality is guaranteed from the beginning

  • Aircraft Cabin Interior Design

    TCI has in house design and analysis capabilities using tools widely used in aerospace industry such as CATIA v5 and PATRAN and NASTRAN.

    Design capability includes composite and metal structures and systems (mechanical, electrical) design.

  • Aircraft Cabin Interior Production

    TCI manufactures its galleys of either ready made honeycomb composite panels or panels manufactured in house (curved and contoured panels) using composite bonding technics combined with light weight metal structures.

    There are in house capabilities for all detail parts including electrical harnesses, boards, NC metal and panel cutting, tubing etc. TCI is highly specialized in design and manufacturing of the tools for composite and galley assembly tools.

    Using this specialty and modular tooling concepts employed TCI can manufacture galleys to fit into any cabin structure without any problems.

  • Aircraft Cabin Interior Products

    • Textile & Leather: All of our products have EASA/FAR 25.853 Flammability and ABD0031 Smoke & Toxicity properties.
    • Aircraft Carpet (100% Wool)
    • Aircraft Leather (All kinds of color and quality)
    • Aircraft Upholstery and Curtain Fabric (100% Wool or Wool + PA up to 15%)
    • Aircraft Passenger Blanket (Polar or Acrilic)
    • Aircraft Galley, Stowages & Catering Equipments
    • Trolley: ETSOC175 Certified units can be delivered starting from mid 2012.
    • Aircraft Galleys & Miscellenaous Stowages: TCI accepts orders for retrofit projects whose delivery starting from mid 2013.

    TCI has in-house structural and system test capabilities for all galleys designed and manufactured according to applicable FAA/EASA and Aircraft type certificate owner requirements.


TCI Turkish Cabin Interior
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