Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System (AURA) that is quick, safe and cost-effective in disinfecting aircraft and other modes of transportation.

A narrow body aircraft can be deep disinfected in 10 mins. Used together with AVIATION grade Germclean disinfectant that is 99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid 2 it is the 1st of its kind to effectively provide antimicrobial residual effect for 30 days for the aviation industry.

Sureclean has been one of Singapore’s leading hygiene and disinfection companies since 2013. It became a dominant player in the pre-school and childcare centre sector in Singapore with its propriety disinfectants because they are safe and effective.

Over the years Sureclean expanded to provide its cleaning and disinfection services and products to a myriad of consumers and businesses from offices, hospitals and ambulances, food and beverage outlets, hotels, transportation companies and homes.

Sureclean has created AURA together with Singapore’s leading premier ground handler and refined it to achieve Singapore’s National Innovation Award finalist status. Used together with AVIATION grade disinfectant, Germclean, it is lab tested to be  99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid 2 (including CoVid 19). It is the 1st of its kind in the aviation industry to effectively provide antimicrobial residual effect for 30 days.



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Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System - AURA

THE BEST and MOST COST-EFFECTIVE Way to Disinfect an aircraft.  Rapid Aircraft Disinfection System (AURA) is quick, safe and all-encompassing  in disinfecting aircraft and other modes of transportation. A  narrow body aircraft can be deep …


GermClean Hospital & Aviation Grade Disinfectant is a broad spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant. It has been lab tested and proven to be 99.99% effective against SARs and CoVid 2 and provide antimicrobial residual efficacy for 30 …


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