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Aircraft Aerostructure, Fuselage And Propulsion Design, Underwing Products And Wing Structures

Spirit AeroSystems is one of the world’s largest independent producers of commercial aerostructures. Our core products include fuselages, pylons, nacelles and wing components.

We produce large aerostructures and components of the world’s premier aircraft.

Our core products include fuselages, pylons, nacelles and wing components. We have long-term agreements in place with our largest customers, Boeing and Airbus. Other major customers include Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, Mitsubishi, Sikorsky and Bell Helicopter.

More than eight decades of expertise in the design and manufacturing of flight technology form the foundation of Spirit’s vast present-day capabilities.

Based in Wichita, Kansas, we operate sites in the U.S., U.K., France and Malaysia. We also provide aftermarket services, including MRO services, spare parts and engineering support, through our Global Customer Support & Services organization.

With a highly skilled workforce and industry-leading, cost-saving technologies, Spirit AeroSystems is the partner of choice for designing, building and sustaining the world’s premier aircraft.

Company Profile

  • Aerostructure Design and Engineering

    Drawing on talent across the globe, Spirit AeroSystems is an industry leader in aerospace engineering. As a world-class research and development business, we can work alongside OEMs on their new product development. The ability to design, modify and continually improve components allows us to pass on benefits — such as strength-to-weight advantages and lower costs — to our customers.

    • We design aerostructures in both metallic and composite materials. We can meet multiple customer requirements on both commercial and military programs.
    • We can support design through all phases of an aerospace program from concept to completion. Unlike some suppliers that only build to print, we deliver total program capability.
    • Our capabilities include product development, integrity and certification; stress engineering; tooling design; precision measurement and program management.
    • We provide airlines with engineering services through our Global Customer Support & Services organization.
    • We are an accredited provider of measurement and test equipment calibration, testing, repair and engineering technical services. Customers may use our testing and metrology laboratories to design mechanical-dimensional test fixtures and develop measurement applications.
  • Aircraft Composite Manufacturing and Assembly

    Our build portfolio includes fuselages, large wing structures, engine nacelles, pylons, fan cowls, thrust reversers and systems integration. We produce both composite and metallic assemblies.

    • Composites manufacturing. Spirit is the industry leader in composites manufacturing. With more than 30 autoclaves, including several of the largest autoclaves in the world, we can meet high-capacity production demands. For customers who require innovative solutions, we have developed the ability to fabricate composite structures using out-of-autoclave infusion technology.
    • Metallic manufacturing and assembly. Our capabilities include complex machining, sheet metal, tubing fabrication and installation, and more.
    • Precision assembly. Using Spirit Exact™ technology, we design and install production systems that require fewer tools, thereby lowering costs and reducing time to assemble components. We were the first supplier to offer precision detail assembly on the Boeing 737 Next-Generation program.
  • Global Customer Support and Services

    Our capabilities don’t end with engineering and manufacturing. We sustain airline fleets in the field by providing maintenance, repair and overhaul services, and aftermarket engineering services.

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