Relax - Paper Opercule Cups

Everywhere the demand for premium beverages is growing. To meet this demand, SOTOCO introduces the easy to handle range of branded paper opercule cups. Whether on the ground or in the air, now premium beverages can be made available anywhere.

The paper opercule cups is the easiest way to serve in a drink in a plane or a train. Each paper opercule cups already contains the product inside the cup: Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate. You just have to pull the opercule and to add hot water, then the Relax opercule cup is ready to drink.

The concept is a world patent and it gives you the advantages to have no plastic in the cup, and to have the better stackability existing on the market.

The paper opercule cups are produced by SOTOCO. We are a French company exporting in 32 countries.

We have the certification ISO 9001, and we follow the HACCP rules.

If you need more information about our Relax opercule cup, you can go to our website:, or by phone +33 3 89 61 95 55.


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68390 Sausheim
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