Skytecno is the best-in-its-class for Monument, Floor Panels and Insulation Systems.

Geven Group introduces Skytecno as the division devoted to Aircraft Interiors.

Business diversification and rationalization strategy puts Skytecno in the best-in- its- class for Monument, Floor Panels and Insulation Systems.
As a result of the Company Vision, Skytecno signed a strategic alliance with Ethiopian Airlines creating, as new Joint Venture, a Thermo-Acoustic Manufacturing Company in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

As with all Geven products, customer satisfaction is an objective of primary importance from cradle to grave.

The interior division boosts many years of interior monument production such as small galleys, small lavatories and wardrobes, VIP capsule components and includes subdivisions devoted to thermo-acoustic insulation blankets and aircraft cabin flooring.



Aircraft Interiors: Monuments We design, certify and manufacture ready-to-install and custom aircraft galleys, lavatories, emergency racks, tables and other interior monuments for the Aviation Industries. Customized solutions for cabin interiors as well as monument’s certifications have been …

Insulation Blankets

Aircraft interiors: Insulation Blankets Geven / Skytecno started in 1984 with Insulation Blankets Production & Installation on regional aircraft ATR-72 & ATR-42 as Alenia Supplier. Today Skytecno has the full capability and capacity: to design and develop …

Floor Panels

Aircraft Interiors: Floor Panels Skytecno is a qualified Leonardo Supplier for Manufacturing (Build to Print) and Quality Control of Floor Panels on ATR-72 and ATR-42 Program according to Technical Specification NTA 43654 (Sandwich Panel , Fiberglass and …


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