Sky Soles

Australian Designed Aviation Footwear for Cabin Crew, Pilots and Ground Staff

Sky Soles belongs to one of Australia’s most trusted footwear business’s, renowned for its unique style, craftsmanship and integrity over the past 49 years. Founded in 1972, Sky Soles a division of the Ron Clarke and Sons group has a proud heritage sustained by a third generation of family members.

Here at Sky Soles we put our heart, soul and countless design hours into crafting bespoke footwear for the uniformed aviation professional. Every style has been meticulously designed to provide maximum quality and comfort for every aviation adventure. A need for comfortable, technologically advanced, custom designed shoes was the cornerstone behind the Sky Soles brand.

We maintain our focus on providing comfortable footwear for the aviation professional.

We achieve this by using “The Sky Soles Pentagon Approach”, a five-step process comprising research, design and development, craftsmanship, customer service and future thinking.

Aviation is a cutting-edge industry that consistently pushes boundaries, and places unnatural demands on the human body. To mitigate this, we collaborate extensively with cabin crew and pilots, resulting in our innovative footwear designs that are loved by all crew.

Sky Soles believes in the fashion-ability of occupational footwear, and have designed our collection to be functional yet fashionable. A uniform is a complete product and footwear is an integral part of this. The Sky Soles design team is always available to meet with your uniform department, to design and develop styles better suited to your uniform colours. This bespoke design opportunity, is a great way for Sky Soles to demonstrate our significant design experience, complementing a uniform as the latest fashion trends evolve.

All of the Sky Soles designs are made from the sole up. As part of this bespoke design opportunity, it allows your business the opportunity to influence our designs as desired. Whether this be signature leathers, branding, heel heights, last shapes, different size gradients and widths the full Sky Soles design team will be at your disposal.



Adelaide 6cm heel, square toe Adelaide is a stylish, moderate heeled and finely detailed shoe with a classic square toe shape that contours around your foot allowing your toes full movement. Clever in its anatomical design and …


Brisbane 4.5cm heel, almond toe Brisbane is a stylish, moderate heeled and finely detailed shoe reflecting natural river curves that contour around the foot of cabin crew. Clever in its anatomical design and very contemporary in styling, …


Cairns 3.5cm heel, square toe Cairns is a stylish, low heeled and finely detailed shoe with a classic square toe shape that contours around your foot allowing your toes full movement. Clever in its anatomical design and …


Melbourne 7cm heel, almond toe Melbourne is an elegant, supportive and stunning style with that wear-anywhere innovation. Providing for everyday demands of air crew working on their feet for long or short periods. Designed with quality leathers …


Perth 2cm heel, almond toe Perth is a sleek, light-weight shoe for crew that is big on comfort. With all new innovative features, including oil and acid resistance, anti-static, hardened toe and airport friendliness built in to …


Sydney 8cm heel, chisel toe Sydney embraces the sophistication of sassy high heel crew footwear. A best seller, Sydney provides the crew member significant extra height while using our superior leather for long-lasting comfort and durability. Fashionable …


Sky Soles
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