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Supply Of Long Life Mini Ring & Jam Doughnuts On The Go Product

Simply Doughnuts is an independent British manufacturer of long shelf-life mini doughnuts – both jam and ring varieties. These fresh, delicious mini doughnuts combine great taste with exceptionally long shelf life.

Based in Lancashire, Simply Doughnuts produces its mini doughnuts in a modern, purpose-equipped plant, in accordance with its accreditation under SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Accreditation). This confirms that it adheres to the high standards of safety, hygiene and quality control required by all responsible clients. It can fulfil large or bespoke orders at relatively short notice. It can develop bespoke products and recipes subject to minimum order quantities.

Simply Doughnuts was built on its unique, innovative recipes for long shelf-life doughnut products, which it now sells to major retailers UK-wide. Its product range includes a variety of ‘on the go’ varieties but its mini doughnuts are the ones best suited to the airline sector. Small, tasty and conveniently packaged, they stay fresh for up to 21 days without the need for refrigeration, unlike conventional alternatives which would quickly spoil and grow stale. They can be delivered at ambient temperatures but, unlike traditional products, they can also be transported in refrigerated vehicles for up to six hours without any deterioration in either texture or flavour.

Like all Simply Doughnuts products, the mini jam and ring doughnuts are manufactured in a nut free factory. They are suitable for vegetarians and for those adhering to a halal or kosher diet.

Since its formation in 2012, Simply Doughnuts has grown steadily and now sells to major retailers such as Tesco Express and Iceland, serving mainstream stores across the UK. The company also sells to wholesalers and contract caterers, all of whom appreciate the cost-savings and risk reduction inherent in its long shelf life products. By staying fresh much longer, the mini doughnuts minimise the risk of food waste and unsold stock that can otherwise result from short sell-by dates.

In short, Simply Doughnuts offers a dedicated mini doughnut supply capability that delivers great taste, great product quality and a shelf-life that is utterly unsurpassed.

Company Profile

  • Long Shelf Life Doughnuts (overview)

    Simply Doughnuts produces a range of delicious doughnuts that offer shelf lives of up to 21 days at ambient temperatures. They are free from nuts and other common allergens.

    For airline customers, the mini doughnut range is ideal. They make a tasty, ‘on the go’ treat that appeals to all ages. They store easily, travel well and come in packaging that is stackable when both filled and empty. Waste is therefore compact.

    The Simply Doughnuts website ( provides more information about the broader product range but the mini doughnut range includes three key variants

  • Original sugared ring doughnut (mini)

    A tasty mini ring doughnut with a sugar coating. Simply delicious.

    2 mini-bites per pack.

    Nut free.

    Suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.

  • Strawberry jam doughnut (mini)

    A classic sugared mini doughnut with a delicious seedless strawberry jam centre.

    2 mini-bites per pack.

    Nut free.

    Suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.

  • Green apple and raspberry jam doughnut (mini)

    A sugared mini doughnut with a seedless green apple and raspberry jam filling.

    2 mini-bites per pack.

    Nut free.

    Suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher diets.


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