Sigma Software Inc.

IT Solutions for Airline Management and Business Process Automation

Sigma Software delivers custom IT solutions for airlines. When your business process or idea can’t be squeezed into a standard IT solution, or on the contrary, you need something lighter than what typical airline IT solutions can offer – those are the cases we help with.


  • International group of companies with software development centers in Ukraine and Poland, and sales offices in the US, the UK, Sweden, Israel and Australia.
  • Uniting 900+ IT professionals
  • Serving companies in Aviation industry since 2012
  • Among TOP 100 world’s best outsourcing companies

We deliver solutions for Distribution Enhancement, Business Process Automation, Business Decision Support, Airline Revenue and Cost Management, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems.

Our services cover full-cycle software development of custom IT solutions (both from scratch and on top of existing platforms), legacy systems reengineering, IT systems security audits, solutions support and maintenance.

Custom Software Solutions development is our core business.

We are capable of supporting you at any stage of your project implementing your ideas and solving your business needs.

We act as technology partner coming up with suggestions of the best-fit platforms and tools for your tailored solution.

Our software development and customer communication processes are well established and proven, as we have spent over 15 years refining them on core business applications and innovative solutions projects for our customers worldwide. Moreover, we know how to tailor those processes to fit your organization, expectations and business needs.

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  • Distribution Enhancement

    We do:

    • E-com and Booking Engines to enhance airline distribution and support you in facing modern challenges and trends.
    • Solutions for personalization and ancillary services sales increase.

    API implementation and integration projects (including IATA New Distribution Capability (NDC) Standard).

  • Business Process Automation

    Airline Business Process Automation with flexible and powerful Camunda BPM Engine allows to drive business-critical, complex, multidimensional operations of any scale in:

    • aircraft line and base maintenance,
    • passenger, ramp and cargo handling,
    • passenger claim management
    • and so on.

    This results in significant reduction of manual routine work and reduces human factor related risks and delays.

    Our solutions are based on all-in-one-place approach (all information needed to perform a task is displayed on a single screen) and are featured with:

    • Extensive business rules management capability.
    • Task distribution and completion control.
    • Wide analytical abilities to detect bottlenecks, inefficiency of operations.
    • Integration and interaction with any in-house or external system.
  • Revenue & Cost Management

    Solutions for automated, fast and precise cost accruals and accounting. Our Solutions for Revenue and Cost Management allow to:

    • Gather revenues and costs managed in different operational and financial systems into a unified customizable model
    • Evaluate company’s performance from revenue vs cost perspective.
    • Evaluate and forecast different scenarios financial outcomes using wide range of assumptions.

    Tailor revenue and cost allocation logic for more efficiency.

  • In-Flight Entertainment Solutions

    Development and/or customization of entertainment portals for the passengers on board with audio/video streaming, shops on-board, games and e-magazines.

    Integration with airline CRM system to provide personalized experience for the passengers. Deep analytics and reporting.

  • Mobile and Web applications

    We deliver a wide range of Mobile and Web applications including:

    • Promo mobile applications for passengers to explore products and be introduced into all the advantages of those, e.g. new aircraft cabin layout and services on-board.

    Community mobile apps and portals for end-customers to communicate with each other, share experience of using your services, and for your sales and marketing team to explore your audience from different angles and reach them in an easy way with new offers, campaigns and surveys.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Solutions for predictive analysis transforming ocean of data into valuable insights for better forecasts. Usage of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for fuel efficiency monitoring, predictive maintenance, revenue and sales management and planning, etc.

  • Legacy Systems Reengineering

    Legacy systems tend to become too costly to maintain and support over time while modern cutting-edge technologies have so much to offer. Thus, Sigma Software offers Legacy Systems reengineering and migration including:

    • Business processes reengineering.
    • Migration legacy systems onto newer and modern technologies.
    • Enterprise Service Bus implementation.

    Solution and infrastructure migration to the cloud.

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

    Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for various business areas:

    • Staff training (maintenance, handling, etc.) including workplace training with virtual simulations;
    • Real-time visual instructions for repairs and maintenance;

    Marketing (new cabin layouts, passenger experience demonstration).

  • Cyber Security

    Sigma Software Cyber Security services include:

    • Application Security Audits – an in-depth vulnerability analysis of the target application.
    • Assistance in Eliminating the Vulnerabilities – providing development teams with support during the improvements implementation with further validation of vulnerability fixes.

    Guidance on Secure SDLC – recommendations and best practice aimed at bringing up security-conscious mindset and processes within the development organizations.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Sigma Software provides1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of support from upon request to 24/7 coverage. Support & maintenance activities depend on the customer’s product, infrastructure and may include:

    Systems, Databases, Network and Applications Monitoring:

    • Systems availability and performance monitoring (including servers and storage);
    • Application performance and availability monitoring;
    • Registering tickets on discovered errors/events.

    Maintenance and Proactive Event Management:

    • Resolution of events (CPU/network load, free space);
    • Defined routines and procedures execution (backup operations, patching, etc.);
    • Regular observation of performance and capacity.

    2nd line of Support:

    • Problems and incidents resolution, escalation to 3rd level application support if required, including platforms, networking, database and application support.

    3rd line of Support:

    • Resolution of incidents and problems, application support;
    • Consulting 3rd parties about further integration of the product with new systems.

    Change Management:

    • Executing changes to the system requested by the Customer according to defined procedure.

    Security Operations:

    • Vulnerability scanning and reporting;
    • Resolving observed vulnerabilities and incidents.
    • Delivery Coordination and Reporting:
    • Single contact person to receive and process user inquiries and issues by phone and email;
    • Coordination, communication and incidents follow-up;
    • Reporting on SLA.

    Knowledge Management:

    • Managing a Knowledge Base;
    • Providing information to Customer’s 1st line of support.


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