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PRM Manufacturer & Supplier of the ProMove Sling for Transferring Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Safer Manual Handling of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

At airports, the controversial top-and-tail lift that is widely used by special assistance personnel can no longer be defended on the grounds that there is no alternative.

The ProMove sling provides a far safer, more comfortable and dignified alternative.

The standard ProMove sling can be employed in the most restricted spaces and will accommodate most size adults (child sizes are also available).

As airport and airline operators know to their cost, injury to PRM can lead to litigation and bad publicity. The ProMove sling offers an inexpensive means of eliminating the use of the top-and-tail lift and the problems it can cause.

The requirement to lift PRM that are not able to self-transfer puts considerable strain on the service providers, leading to frequent musculoskeletal injury, especially back strain, possibly resulting in early retirement and compensation payments. By adopting the ProMove sling you can avoid these difficulties.

Airports and airlines using the ProMove sling:

  • London, Stansted Airport
  • London, Luton Airport
  • London, Southend Airport
  • London, Heathrow
  • East Midlands Airport
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • Belfast City Airport
  • Bristol Airport
  • Doha International Airport, Qatar
  • Air Calédonie, New Caledonia
  • Bucharest International Airport
  • Viggo Eindhoven Airport, The Netherlands

Company Profile

  • PRM Manufacturer & Supplier of the ProMove Sling for Transferring Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

    The ProMove Sling is the safe way of transferring “carry on” PRM from wheelchair to aisle chair to aircraft seat.

    Why use the ProMove Sling?

    • Quick and simple to place beneath the PRM in a restricted location.
    • Provides good handholds for a team of two or more operatives to transfer and lift the PRM.
    • Fully supports the PRM, eliminating risks of bruising and skin shearing.
    • Enhances the travel experience of PRMs, reducing complaints and litigation.
    • Improves turnaround times.
    • Improved job satisfaction and reduced risk of musculoskeletal injury to service providers.

    Used at airports around the world, the ProMove Sling provides a means of lifting and transferring a PRM without the embarrassment and difficulty of physically holding them. Passengers with reduced mobility often fear an awkward, uncomfortable, and undignified transfer from their wheelchair into an aircraft seat, the ProMove sling can change this experience and provides a more controlled, manageable and dignified transfer.

  • Turnaround Times with Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

    Turnaround times are a crucial part of boarding and exiting a plane at busy airports. It is a fact of life that turnaround times are often foremost in the minds of operators as they consider the most efficient and safe method of getting passengers on and off their aircraft.

    Similarly, ground handling agents need to consider the best way to assist PRM in a way that helps both passenger and staff.

    A ProMove sling, in its designated bag, can be left permanently attached to the aisle chair for immediate use when the PRM requires lifting.

    With training and experience a service provider can put the sling beneath the PRM in less than 1 min and it can be left in place until the transfer is completed, when the sling can be removed even more quickly.

    The whole process helps to avoid delays and does not compromise the quality of service. The procedure can be used on all commercial aircraft, irrespective of the aircraft model or age.

  • Travel Experience of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

    Passengers with reduced mobility, and requiring assistance to transfer are, with increasing frequency, presenting themselves at the airport with their own ProMove sling. Therefore, service providers need to be familiar with using the ProMove sling.

    Sam Waddington, a keen traveller who has a disability, said, “I purchased a Promove sling to use whilst I was on a disability cultural exchange programme in the USA. I wanted to share how pleased I was with the purchase. It enabled me take part in the trip to the full capacity.”

    The late Dr Huw Thomas, inventor of the ProMove sling said: “I have muscular dystrophy and insufficient strength to be lifted by my arms and legs; therefore, I designed the ProMove sling specifically for use in getting on and off aircraft.”

  • Cost and Accreditation

    The ProMove Sling is a cost effective solution that most often allows just two members of staff to conduct the lift / transfer. When a larger passenger needs to be transferred, the ProMove Sling can be used by three, four or more operatives making the lift safer for all involved. This may be achieved by two service providers with family members or travelling companions working together or by bringing in additional staff. Either way, transfers are completed quickly and efficiently, and above all safely.

    Any comeback through use of non-approved equipment is avoided as all ProMove slings and ancillary equipment are manufactured in the UK under ISO 9000 conditions and registered as Class 1 medical devices with CE 2007/47/EC accreditation. The ProMove sling can be supplied as sling only or as the Airport (PRM) Kit. The Airport (PRM) kit comprises an adult sling, a set of eight extension handles (that will assist in handling larger individuals) and a compact bag that will attach to the aisle chair.

    ProMove slings are available worldwide.


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