Perrone Aerospace

Airline Logo Embroidery, Leathers, Textiles and Seating Maintenance

Perrone Aerospace designs and manufactures performance aviation leathers and textiles that are respected throughout the industry. We design, manufacture, clean, repair, and refurbish aviation soft goods for airlines, corporate, and VIP customers around the globe.

Perrone Aerospace operates America’s only laser-guided water-jet cutting process to reduce costs, eliminate waste and deliver perfect pattern parts to your sewing facility in record time.

Perrone Aerospace can design any leather or synthetic collection to your specifications, or work with you to create a look like no other. Our exclusive Gaufrage collection designed by Daniel C. Duross for Perrone Aerospace offers you a way to promise your clients one-of-a-kind interiors. Choose from 287 period-correct patterns and even create your own custom design by combining patterns, substrates, colors and textures.

Perrone Performance Leathers and Textiles combine durability and distinctive beauty to be the ideal choice for custom applications.

Perrone Aerospace is compliant to AS9100 and ISO 2001 standards. We are in the 95% for this standard. This standard was prepared by the International Aerospace Quality group for the purpose of achieving improvements in quality and safety, and reductions in cost.

The organization includes representation from aerospace companies in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe. This document standardizes, to the greatest extent possible, quality management system requirements for the aerospace industry and it is used by organizations around the world. Perrone Aerospace is proud to be listed in the Airbus BFE Product Catalogue as one of their recommended suppliers.

Company Profile

  • Airline Leather & Textiles Cut Parts Kits

    Conventional purchasing accepts the cost of shipping scrap around the world. With Perrone’s Cut Parts Kits, you pay only for the pattern pieces you specify, all 100% QC inspected.

    We guarantee the lowest price-per pax. America’s first laser-guided water-jet cutter creates higher quality cut parts accurate to within .004 inch.

    Benefits also include, JIT supply and a conscious contribution to decreasing the carbon footprint.

  • Commercial Aviation Leathers and Textiles

    Perrone Aerospace commercial leathers and textiles are the choice of over 50 airlines around the globe.

    Our All Leather Maintenance Division cleans, repairs, and refurbishes leather dress covers while Perrone Cut Parts reduces cost, time, and improves quality with America’s first laser-guided, water-jet cut parts process.

    Custom expedited delivery in 7 days or less. Standard delivery in 15 working days.

  • Aircraft Leather Renovation, Repair and Renewal

    Perrone’s All Leather Maintenance Division is headquartered in the largest and most modern leather repair facility in the world.

    Our FAA 145, EASA approved repair station can refurbish and repair leather dress covers in record time, returning them to service looking like new and lasting for years.

    We even offer a hide-to-cover maintenance program that will guarantee the life of dress covers.

  • Airline Custom Embossed Logos / Airline Branding and Embroidery

    Embossing is a highly decorative technique. It raises surfaces to transform ordinary, flat and lifeless material into uniquely contoured, 3-Dimensional raised patterns. A special backing material will hold the shape of the embossing for the life of the product. Embossing your product allows for custom logos and the use of foils. The embossed products are further processed into finished goods and are quality control inspected.

    Debossing enhances the appearance of products by adding 3-D depth. With debossing the material is pushed inward through the use of heat, pressure and time. debossing your product allows for custom logos and the use of foils. The embossed products are further processed into finished goods and are quality control inspected.

    Foil Stamping is the application of foil, a special film backed material applied through the use of heat, time, and pressure. The film is applied in the shape of the dye being used. Foil stamping is an ideal way to add a touch of elegance and class to your finished product. Perrone Aerospace uses the following types of foils.

    • Gloss Foil: transparent and glossy in appearance
    • Metallic Foil: Metallicized aluminum foils available in many colors and either shiny or satin finish
    • Pattern Foils: foils manufactured with specific patterns rather than flat colors
    • Pearlescent Foils: similar to gloss foils but having a translucent color
    • Pigment Foil: Opaque foils of intense color resembling glossy enamel foils. Available in either gloss or matte finish


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