Airline schedules and flight status databases with airline schedules, connections and traffic analysis

The world leader in aviation market intelligence, real-time flight status, flight schedules data & information. OAG is relied upon globally for essential information and insight. Only OAG has the capability to deliver accurate, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute aviation data, and the expertise to convert this information into market-leading intelligence and innovative travel solutions.

Unique, trusted and respected within the industry for over 80 years, OAG is best known for its airline schedules and flight status databases, which hold future and historical flight data for over 900 airlines and more than 4,000 airports.

Company Profile

  • OAG Airline Flight Schedules Data

    OAG Schedules Data is at the very heart of airline distribution services. With over 80 years of experience in airline data consolidation and distribution, OAG manages the definitive airlines schedules database. We provide a unique solution enabling over 900 of the world’s airlines to distribute their schedules across the industry’s global sales and marketing channels. During an average month, 99.6% of all schedules are continuously updated.

    Integral to the industry, OAG can receive airline schedules information in a variety of structures and standardise this to enable customers to choose the best way to receive the latest schedules information.

    Our Schedules products include looking at schedules data feeds, airline distribution strategies, worldwide direct flights, minimum connection times, real-time flight information, latest flight changes and an interactive route mapper.

  • OAG Real-Time Flight Status

    OAG provides the world’s most comprehensive and timely real-time global flight status information from a single source. Updated with over 700,000 messages per day, its database can deliver flight status information reports relating to flight tracking such as arrivals/departures, airborne/touchdown times, cancellations, delays, gate changes, terminal changes, baggage claim changes, aircraft equipment and codeshare details.

    OAG’s flightview® products deliver real-time flight tracking and historical flight status through data feeds and alerts, digital displays, web and mobile content and flight notifications for business to help their customers across the air travel industry, plan, react and craft strategies.

    With historical flight data dating back to 2004 and worldwide coverage approaching 95%, OAG has outstanding global coverage making it the most reliable source for airport and airline on-time performance and punctuality benchmarking.

  • OAG Aviation Analytics

    OAG’s Analyser suite helps you monitor airline frequency and capacity trends, identify new airline routes and services, understand passenger traffic flows and perform airline schedules analysis. OAG’s products combine powerful software with data you can trust, enabling you to turn it into actionable intelligence to improve future growth opportunities.

    Tools such as Connections Analyser dynamically builds all possible global airline connections for all carriers as they occur in real time, and Connections Analyser enables users to understand air passenger traffic flows in any and every market.

    Using OAG’s tools, you can manage and deliver essential intelligence to drive performance and better decision-making. Our aviation market intelligence team provides bespoke analysis, aviation analytics, historical flight information all for reporting and visualisation purposes to support one-off projects or ongoing analysis requirements.


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