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Airline Heat Shielding, Sound Damping, Mounting, Anti Corrosion, Composite Bonding, Masking, Processing, Surface Protection Tapes

Nitto leads the aerospace industry with a commitment to consistent quality, reliability and value. Nitto offers Fly Away Tapes (heat shielding, sound damping, mounting, anti-corrosion…) and Non Fly Away Tapes (composite bonding, masking, processing, surface protection,…) for the manufacturing of aircraft’s and its components.

Company Profile

  • Fly Away Tapes - Airline Heat Shielding, Sound Damping, Mounting, Anti Corrosion Tapes

    Our focused, yet diversified product lines, worldwide manufacturing, technical sales and product development experience provide us with worldwide recognition for quality and technology. Rest assured that we can provide solutions for your most demanding pressure sensitive tape requirements.

  • Non Fly Away Tapes - Composite Bonding, Masking, Processing, Surface Protection

    Since its foundation in 1918, the Japanese multinational Nitto Denko Corporation has swiftly identified market needs and based on its key technologies, such as adhesives and coating, the company has conducted business globally across various industries including electronics, automotive, housing, infrastructure, environmental, and medical.

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa EMEA

    In the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), the Nitto Group has two manufacturing sites with own development activities and four material handling sites. The group manufactures and converts products like sealing materials, reinforcing and damping materials, various kinds of industrial adhesive tapes such as double-sided tapes, surface protection tapes and electrical insulation tapes which are used in markets such as automotive, electronics, furniture, aerospace and metal processing.

  • 100th anniversary

    The Nitto Group realized a turnover of 340 million euro with 1400 employees in 2013-2014 in the EMEA region.

    In 2018, Nitto Denko Corporation will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Proclaiming “Innovation for Customers” as the brand slogan, the group aims to become a one hundred-year-old company that continues to grow globally and creates value for its customers with new ideas.


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