MV Food & Services

Airline Food Supplier

MV Food & Services was born in 2008 in the “green heart of Italy”, the Umbria region, with the aim of serving the transportation industry with top quality food products. Thanks to the long-term experience in providing the airline and hotel industries with one of the world’s best extra-virgin olive oil through the sister company Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, MV Food & Services could successfully enter the market.

After nine years of thriving operation and participation to internationally known fairs, such as WTCE in Hamburg, MV Food & Services is constantly innovating its portfolio in order to improve both quality and variety of its offer. New products, such as lasagna and risotto, will soon join the selection and go along with the already known gelato and pizza. The whole range is designed by Italian cooking professionals and aims to transmit as much as possible the Mediterranean and Southern European lifestyle through its products, which are genuine and made by simple ingredients, seasoned with spices and herbs. The collaboration with Michelin-starred Chefs adds a touch of class to the result.

In recent times, the company has undergone a process of remodelling and expansion, aiming to gain more recognition in the industry as a frozen snack and light meal supplier but also to perfectly serve its customers. The development of operational links with local food producers who stand for top-end quality, reliability and full traceability is one of the company’s strengths.

Quality wants to be conveyed not only by the final food product but also through the company’s staff, educated and trained with the aim to assure the smoothest service behind the scenes. Logistics, administration and customer care are thought to flow as easily and reliably as possible.

Customer’s needs are the main focus – just as it always should be.

Company Profile

  • Lasagne Primo Gusto

    Brand new in our portfolio, our Lasagne are especially created by our chefs and nutritional experts in Bologna, the culinary heart of Italy.

    This dish is characterized by pasta cooked “al dente”, delicious Bolognese sauce and typical Mediterranean herbs; only genuine ingredients are used. Our lasagne are served in a single-portion carton, oven-safe, which guarantees an easy handling by caterers and by the on-board staff and can be stored in freezer. Our selection currently includes: Lasagne alla Bolognese, Soy Bean Lasagne and Vegetables Lasagne.

  • Mousse Primo Gusto

    Our mousse is a delicious dessert which comes in two flavours: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Completely gluten free and characterized by a light and airy texture, our mousse comes in a 40g small carton cup and can be easily stored in freezer.

  • Gelato Primo Gusto

    Gelato is currently Primo Gusto’s spotlight product, characterized by a unique softness that makes it ready to eat right after taking it out from the refrigerator.

    Our current flavours are Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate, Stracciatella, Vanilla from Madagascar, Bacio, Pistachio, Amarena and Tiramisù.

  • Pizza Primo Gusto

    Our pizza is especially designed to be consumed onboard, without losing its fragrance and taste. Our selection includes: margherita, 4 cheeses, vegetarian and margherita with pesto.


MV Food & Services
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