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Fall protection solutions for working at height in the aviation industry

MSA has been in the business of safety at height since 1930. Today it is at the forefront in both the supply and the range of innovative fall protection products.

With a focus on aerospace and a partnership approach to developing solutions to meet customer needs within this sector, MSA’s engineers have worked closely with some of the major aircraft manufacturers and many other key players in the aviation industry. This led to the development of the Latchways WinGrip, a tailored solution that ensures worker safety at height on a wide range of buildings and structures, indoors and outdoors, in even the most hazardous weather conditions.

Today, WinGrip Systems for fall protection are used by airlines, major manufacturers, and MROs globally for fixed-wing commercial aircraft maintenance.

MSA is truly a global manufacturer of fall protection. With manufacturing operations on five continents and with more than 40 locations worldwide, MSA serves customers in more than 140 countries. All MSA products meet local and international standards. With MSA’s worldwide presence we deliver the right safety solution to the right place, at the right time.

WinGrip System at a Glance:

Intro on wingrip. Vacuum based anchor system…

  • Lightweight and portable, anchors weigh less than than 13.5 lb. (6 kg)
  • Suitable for wet or dry surfaces, inside hangars or on the apron
  • Approved and used by all major aircraft manufacturers
  • Easy to install and offers simple hands-free operation
  • Inherently safe, even with fuel tanks open
  • Runs on compressed air or nitrogen, no electrical requirement
  • Independently tested to meet all relevant international standards: OSHA, EN, UKCA and NS/ASZ
  • No metal-on-metal contact to protect aircraft surface and eliminate sparking risk
  • Guaranteed safety period with all systems
  • Multiple-user cable-based system or single-user anchor options, tailored to customer needs
  • Suitable for both heavy and light maintenance environments
  • Designed to be used for line maintenance, Check-A, Check-C and overalls

Value added Services:

MSA builds close working relationships with customers, providing a complete package of services over the long term— not just supplying products. Full design service can be provided for specific aircraft with the most efficient usage of WinGrip Systems. Training for workers and managers in all aspects of WinGrip System installation and operation can be provided, together with system maintenance.


MSA Latchways WinGrip (AIO) All-in-One System

The Latchways WinGrip AIO System vacuum anchor is designed for line maintenance or quick hanger tasks. WinGrip AIO System certified fall arrest system is meant for personnel working on aircraft during manufacture or routine maintenance …

MSA Latchways WinGrip Barrier System

The WinGrip Barrier System provides solutions for working at heights on aircraft during manufacture and maintenance. System can be installed by one person and when set up, provides enclosed environment for unlimited workers for any time …

MSA Latchways WinGrip Lifeline System

The WinGrip Horizontal Lifeline System allows access for as many as four workers along entire length of a wing or fuselage and is designed for construction, heavier maintenance or return operations. System consists of two …

MSA Latchways Overhead Lifeline System

MSA Latchways Overhead Lifeline Systems provide permanent cable-based fall arrest within hangars where aircraft positioning is consistent or access is continuously required within the same area. Overhead Systems combine innovative Constant Force® Technology with unique …

MSA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

MSA has helped protect customers for over 100 years in all facets of personal protective equipment and services. Within the range of solutions offered, MSA designs and manufactures innovative fall protection equipment, an advanced head …

MSA Latchways WinGrip Single User System

Since 1999, the WinGrip System vacuum anchor has provided a single fall protection anchor point for one worker on wings, fuselage or stabilizers. Quickly and easily installed, highly portable single-user system is designed for line …

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