Monty’s Bakehouse

Airline Hand Held Snacks, Multi-Component Snack Boxes, Packaging & Global Supply Chain

Monty’s Bakehouse is a privately owned limited company based in the UK at South Nutfield, Surrey providing innovative Airline Hand Held Snacks and bakery goods to the global airline marketplace.

The company’s product portfolio includes hot wraps, pizza subs, flatbreads, ciabatta, pastries, muffins, muffin bars and a wide range of bakery items all of which are designed to exacting airline standards and to a wide variety of recipes. Monty’s Bakehouse is also a market leader in the development and supply of multi-component boxed food solutions to airlines and airline caterers.

From humble beginnings, and with the help of a few friends, Monty’s Bakehouse has been steadily growing into the international company it is today.

Whilst we have had to change a few things and grow up a little along the way, our passion for what we do and our obsession with Quality, Innovation & Service has never faltered.

We are on a mission to find the most authentic and exciting taste experiences, aiming to make on-the-move food a memorable part of any journey. In every product we strive to bring pioneering taste innovation – our talented team responds to global food trends, local palates and customs with open and inquisitive minds. With our ‘no unnecessary additives’ policy, we work to source the simplest and most natural ingredients – as close to kitchen ingredients as possible – but always with a keen eye on quality.

Company Profile

  • Airline Catering - Hot Wraps, Pizzas, Pastries, Muffins, Muffin Bars & Bakery Items

    Monty’s Bakehouse supplies over 10 million food items to airlines and airline caterers via its own in-house stock management and logistics services operation with distribution centres in the UK, Europe, UAE, Hong Kong and Australia. Distribution is undertaken for both Monty’s Bakehouse branded lines as well as those of other companies supplying airlines and airline caterers.

  • Airline Hot Hand Held Snacks

    Our hot product portfolio includes wraps, pizza subs, flatbreads, ciabatta, pastries, muffin bars and a wide range of bakery items all of which are designed to exacting airline standards and to a wide variety of recipes. We design the product and packaging with your customers in mind, delivering impactful flavor and recipes, within cleverly designed packaging solutions.

  • NEW from Monty’s Bakehouse – Duo Sliders

    Our American classic contains two delicious hand held sliders in their own oven able box, or one slider and a portion of delicious crispy fries.

    Choose from beef or chicken sliders and accompany them with the cheese and the relish of your choice for the perfect in flight snack!

    Designed with the quality, taste and attention to detail that you expect from Monty’s Bakehouse.

  • Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Halal Airline Meal Snacks

    We offer a range of hand held snacks suitable for specialist dietary requirements. We can offer Vegetarian (VGML), Halal (HNML), Asian Vegetarian (AVML), Muslim (MOML), Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian (VLML) and Gluten Free (GFML) options!

  • Multi Component Snack Boxes for Airlines

    Our snack boxes can be developed to offer a range of sweet or savoury snacks, tailored to suit your passenger profile or meal opportunity. Options include Pizza, Pastries, Muffin Bars, Wraps, Lattices, Sponge Cakes, Mini Muffin Bars or Danish Pastries. All our packaging is designed to give maximum visual impact to satisfy your passengers – Choose from boxes offering two or three items.

    Bespoke Packaging Solutions for Airline Catering

    We love a challenge and we work best when we can work to your brief.  Specify the type of snack you are looking for, the flavor profile, packaging constraints or snacking opportunity and we will be thrilled to show you what we can design for you!

    Airline Catering Global Supply Chain

    We currently distribute, using our in house logistics team to over 30 European caterers and stations either daily or weekly, with warehouses in the UK, Frankfurt, Brussels, Hong Kong and Australia.  We work with your catering stations to advise them of rotation changes, stock burn off and pallet design, and we are fully  compliant with local customs and food safety  regulations  for EU and non EU members.We have full start  to finish temperature compliance monitoring within agreed micro and temperature standards for your peace of mind, and can deliver to and work with your nominated USA distributor or broker.


Monty’s Bakehouse
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