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Aircraft On Board Transit Chairs, Oxygen Charging Panels, Boosters

We design and manufacture wheelchairs for use on board aircraft. The airchair can be supplied in 5 widths from 14” (356 mm) to 18” (457 mm).

Airchair meets dot 14 cfr 382, eu1107/2006 and ukdptac. The rearward folding backrest is an important feature as is the lightweight 6.1 kgs (13.4 lb)

Mercury also designs and manufactures oxygen charging panels with boosters to 250 bar ( 3625 psig )

Company Profile

  • Aircraft On Board Transit Chairs

    The Mercury Airchair has been in use since 2007 and has been purchased by 52 airline and vip customers. Users report that there are 3 key features which attracted them.

    1. the low weight of 6.1 kgs (13.4 lb)

    2. the manoeuvrability, the result of 4 swivelling rubber tyred castors ( helpful when steering the chair into a small toilet), and the rearward folding backrest, which is user friendly to the carer. This is a UKDPTAC recommendation.

    The construction is in a high strength aluminium alloy with solid inserts at each junction. As a result the airchair has a capaciity of 170 kgs ( 374 lb ) and has been tested to 450 kgs ( 990 lb ). The small folded volume allows the airchair to be stored in the overhead locker.

    A waist strap and thigh strap are fitted and additional straps can be provided.

    A fire retardant carry bag is an accessory.

    Maintenance is minimal since the castors have sealed for life bearings and only application of an occasional lubricant on the backrest locks is necessary.

    P/N 400555.00

  • Oxygen Charging Panel with Booster to 250 Bar (3625 PSIG)

    Charging aviation cylinders to high pressures can be a problem but with the Mercury Oxygen Panel the procedure is very simple and safe. Oxygen is decanted from storage cylinders via the panel, equipped with a slow opening valve.

    When pressures are equalised an air powered booster is engaged and oxygen pressures can be raised to 250 bar ( 3625 PSIG ). The cylinders to be charged are located in a cabinet so that the operator is protected in case a burst disc or pressure gauge fails.

    P/n 400437.00

    Bespoke panels can be designed to customers’ requirements.


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