Airline In-Flight Textiles such as Napkins, Placemats, Table Clothes, Trolley Clothes, Headrest Covers, Pillow Cases

Langheinrich – is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of table linen from Germany. Our product range includes airline inflight textiles such as napkins, placemats, table clothes, trolley clothes, headrest covers, pillow cases, etc made of 100% cotton or cotton/polyester mix for business and first class.

Being an expert in textile industry since 1832, we are a German company with high standards of quality, reliability, exclusivity and efficiency.

Company Profile

  • Our airline in-flight table linen product range:

    • napkins (also with button hole)

    • placemats

    • table cloths

    • trolley cloths

    • headrest covers

    • pillow cases, etc.

  • We offer: Airline In-flight table linen for passenger comfort

    • In-flight table linen made of 100% cotton or cotton/polyester mix for business and first class.

    • Customized textile concepts (colour, form, size, design, hemming, logo, etc).

    • Sustainable quality and 100 % automatic manufacturing in Germany

    • Low minimum order quantities;

    • Independent and cooperative price policy.

  • Airline Inflight Napkins and Placemats

    Our product features…

    • Carefully selected raw materials – a guarantee for finest table linen and superior quality.

    • s products of highest colour-fastness through indanthrene yarn-dyeing.

    • Well suitable for industrial washing process.

    • Quality control.

    • Exclusiveness in details.

  • Airline Inflight Table Cloths and Trolley Cloths

    Working with us means…

    • Informative and efficient communication with customers.

    • Professional product development team.

    • Worldwide logistic opportunities

  • Airline Inflight Headrest Covers and Pillow Cases

    Our airline customers

    We are proud to have the world leading airlines from Germany, France, Iceland, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong among our customers.


Langheinrich Vertriebs GmbH
40 D-36110 Schlitz
  • +49 6642 / 87-0