Key & Asset Management Solutions

Keytracker provides key and asset management solutions to the airport industry, ensuring that valuable and significant keys and assets are accounted for at all times.

Complete management of keys and assets is vital in facilities as vast as airports, with secure areas, equipment, vehicles and tools; security measures are essential to the everyday operations of the airport.

Keytracker products can send alerts and reports to managers to ensure they are aware of key or asset movements. Systems can also be set to restrictive access mode, giving peace of mind that only preapproved personnel can access specific keys, and cloud based solutions mean that anytime information is available on the move.

Our sister company iLockerz supplies intelligent lockers, designed to maximise security of assets by providing a secure charging facility.

iLockerz can be set to a bring your own device mode whereby a user ‘loans’ the locker for a short period such as a shift, knowing that their devices are safe while they are working.

Alternatively, the locker can be set as a device loaning system whereby tools and equipment are dispensed to approved users and monitored for return, keeping valuable or potential risk associated assets such as tools accounted for.

Airports do not sleep and neither do Keytracker products, our systems are operational 24/7 to ensure complete key and asset management for the airport environment.

Company Profile

  • Electronic Key Systems

    Keytracker 4 ecos cabinets websiteThe Keytracker Electronic Key Systems enhance security for large quantities of keys, combining state of the art hardware alongside corresponding intuitive admin software.

    All contents secured within the Electronic Systems can be continuously monitored, helping you to successfully track and manage your keys and assets with complete audit trails, instant reports or alerts, restricted access and 24-hour support.

    Additional security options are also available in the form of fingerprint and swipe card access, ensuring complete, secure key and asset management.

    The restricted key access system, provides additional security by physically restricting access to certain keys; locking the keys into the board and alerting senior employees for complete key and asset security.

  • Mechanical Key Systems

    Keytracker’s Mechanical Systems are power free, a simple yet effective way to organise and manage keys that are of a lower security risk.

    The ‘peg in-peg out’ board offers instant identification of who has accessed keys, ensuring you will never waste time searching for keys again.

    The Keytracker mechanical boards range from as little as five to as many as 150 keys on a single unit. Each unit is modular and can be built up as requirements change.

    Visually, the coloured access pegs are perfect for identifying individuals, teams, shifts or departments as each employee is allocated their individual access peg to unlock the keys required, thus preventing keys being misplaced.

    Additional security options are available in the form of our secure key cabinets.

  • Cloud based solutions

    Key Control Software is a simple, yet powerful, online, key and asset tracking, web application.

    Developed by Keytracker, the software can be used as a standalone or networked tool for keys on hooks or in conjunction with a Keytracker Mechanical System.

    The software can be accessed and keys or assets managed through any iPad, PC or Smartphone. The Key Control Software can send real-time reports and alerts via SMS and email for traceability on the go.

  • iLockerz

    iLockerz intelligent locker systems

    iLockerz provides intelligent locker systems to a variety of sectors including airports for the secure tracking and management of valuable assets.

    The lockers can be set in BYOD mode, where a user stores and charges their device securely whilst shopping, or working a shift that does not allow for personal items to be carried.

    Alternatively, the lockers can be set to securely loan equipment such as laptops, iPads and other portable tools and equipment to employees with the peace of mind that 24/7 important portable assets and tools are always accounted for.


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