Jamco Corporation

Supplier of Aircraft Interiors, Lavatories, Galleys and Seats

Jamco is a premier supplier of Airbus and Boeing aircraft interior products in high-quality lavatories, galleys and passenger seats to airlines worldwide. Jamco is the sole supplier of 787 lavatory, galley, bar, and flight deck bulkhead, door, and interior.

Jamco is also an A350 XWB ACS approved supplier for premium class seats.

Other specialized products include steam oven, microwave oven, and console product.

As the industry’s first ODA authorized interior integrator, Jamco supports aircraft modifications with in-house design engineering, manufacturing, supplier management, and complete FAA, EASA, and CAAS STC certification, a full service provider.

The global demand for passenger aircraft is forecasted for continuous growth, propelling competition among airlines to grow more intensely, leading to aggressive cost reductions and demand for creating differentiation of services amongst competitors.

To meet this new opportunity, JAMCO has steadily developed into a one stop solution resource for all aircraft cabin equipment and has dedicated itself to the creation of variable cabin environment, with attention to total cost savings.

Company Profile

  • Total Aircraft Interior Integration

    Not every aircraft interiors company has the capability to produce the entire cabin interior. JAMCO proudly presents the organization capability from design proposal based on historical experiences with Galleys / Lavatories through acquisition of certification approvals. Design and/or arrangement of aircraft cabin emphasis with unique concepts varying on the airline needs.

    JAMCO precisely understands the variable needs of the airlines and particularly dedicating in the area of cabin modifications. Establishing a world manufacturing network, each specializing in a variety of aircraft cabin equipment and modification of cabins, allows JAMCO to provide solutions to meet our customer needs.

    The lavatory has the unique characteristic of providing the only private area for passengers in the cabin. JAMCO devotes quality and functionality for creation of comfort and relaxing atmosphere in a limited space, while providing our customers consistent accomplished weight savings by advantageously using JAMCO’s core competence of Weight Saving Technology. As always, safety is the utmost important element of all aircraft equipments and JAMCO ensures all requirements are fully adhered to.

    Galley manufacturing which involves numerous stringent requirements, has been JAMCO’s specialty for over 30 years with emphasis on Weight Saving Technology, design and production system including 3D CAD, an effective production line, and complete dedication to customer support.

  • Aircraft Premium Seating Products

    With the agreement signed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012, JAMCO AMERICA is now an A350 XWB Airbus Contracted Supplier (ACS) for premium seating products and will offer its all new premium business-class seat ‘Journey’ through Airbus A350 XWB Catalogue

    JAMCO aims to build comfortable, pleasurable aircraft interior products for passengers to enjoy the ‘Lounges in the sky’.

    JAMCO has been designing and manufacturing Premium Class seat furniture for major airlines such as Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways.

  • Aircraft Components Manufacturers

    In the aerospace industry, advanced techniques are required to process metals (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium and heat resistance alloys), and manufacture composites parts.

    Aircraft Components Company manufactures various kinds of aircraft components by utilizing special process techniques such as welding, brazing, heat treating and nondestructive inspection.

    As our quality management system, JAMCO has obtained Aerospace Quality Management System JIS Q 9100 and Nadcap accreditation, the worldwide standard accreditation program for special process in the aerospace industry.

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering

    JAMCO Corporation has been maintaining and altering aircrafts since the foundation as C. Itoh Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1955. JAMCO Aircraft Maintenance Company upholds a long tradition of aircraft maintenance.

    JAMCO Aircraft Maintenance Company is committed to providing prompt, reliable, quality support to every customer and helping to secure safe and dependable flights for medium- and small-sized aircrafts flying scheduled routes along domestic lines in Japan.

    JAMCO engages in the maintenance of airframes and equipment in Obihiro, Sendai, Mitaka, Chubu, Haneda, and Miyazaki for medium- and small-sized aircrafts owned by the Civil Aviation College, Japan Coast Guard, Ministry of Defense, and individual airlines. We also handle maintenance, alterations, and other operations for regional jets in these locations.

    In Mitaka, Narita, and Haneda, we do repairs, overhauls, and other works for aircraft accessories and equipment.


JAMCO Corporation
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