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INNOVINT Aircraft Interior GmbH was founded in 1977. This was the beginning of a worldwide renowned company in the aircraft interior and equipment market. For half a century now, we have been developing and manufacturing cabin interiors and have established a leading position in the market with innovative product developments. Optimal design, new materials, and light-weight construction fulfill the criteria of a customized cabin interior. Development, verification, production, certification, and customer service are offered from one source.

In constant dialogue with OEMs, airlines, and passengers many acclaimed products have been put successfully into service: convincing both customers and users.

The production program covers a wide range of cabin interiors for airlines and luxurious private aircraft. A few examples of our own product developments are baby bassinets, on-board wheelchairs for disabled persons as well as a PED fire containment bag to manage incidents caused by thermal runaways of lithium-ion batteries used in Portable Electronic Devices (PED). For the passenger compartment we develop and manufacture cabin standards such as partitions, bulkheads, coat rooms, doghouses, and cabinets, numerous holders and racks, picture frames and other ancillary equipment as well as emergency medical equipment required within the aircraft.

Safety and comfort come first in everything we do – for every single person on board.

As an OEM and supplier to the international aviation industry Innovint performs under a strict quality management. Standards and procedures described in our quality management handbook ensure that all products meet the specifications of each individual contract.

The quality management system comprises the EN 9100:2016 requirements and most importantly the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well.

The headquarters are in close proximity of Hamburg Airport. Innovint can deliver most spare parts within 48 hours. For rated products Innovint offers full AOG support. This also applies to the turn around service for maintenance.

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Company Profile

  • Passenger Compartment

    The production program covers a wide range of cabin interior for airlines. The main emphasis lies on the development and production of partitions, bulkheads, stowages, doghouses, and numerous ancillary equipment such as magazine racks, literature pockets, picture frames, flower and cosmetic holders of various kinds.

    Own product developments specifically designed to increase the passenger comfort and safety are a wheelchair for disabled person.

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  • Executive Aircraft Interior

    As partner with airframe manufacturers, completion centers and operators, Innovint undertake manufacture, design, and refurbishment of executive interior components. The extent of involvement into the industrial design work of the interior depends on customer requirements.

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  • Emergency Medical Equipment

    The medical equipment is defined by the FAR, EASA and ICAO requirements. The requirements prescribe the minimum mandatory standard. It is always the airline decision to select advanced configurations regarding contents in order to provide cabin crew and voluntary physicians with a wider range of equipment, thus saving many lives in an emergency medical situation.

    Innovint kits are based on a modular system and comprise mandatory basic kits as well as advanced and customized configurations.

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  • Development and Support


    Independent product developments are the basis of our success.

    Extensive know-how and many years of experience with regards to cabin systems, product integration, handling by the cabin crew have led to a world-wide reputation of our products by airframe manufacturers and airlines.

    Regarding new developments we focus on the passenger comfort and safety. Among other well-known products are baby bassinets or on-board wheelchairs for disabled travellers.

    During the product development phase intensive co-operation with our customers enables as a result fine tuned products to the benefit of the passenger and the cabin crew.

    Apart from the transfer of customer specifications into products, supported with the necessary substantiation, tests, and series production, Innovint offers mock-up and modelling as well.


    For more than 40 years we are active in the field of aviation. We are aware of the importance of product support within this sector. That is why we are represented by qualified personnel and partners world-wide to solve occuring problems on the spot.

    All our standard products are documented according to the current aviation industry guidelines. We announce all further developments as well as changes in our Service Bulletins and recommend their realisation.

    Our headquarters are in close proximity of Hamburg Airport. We can deliver most spare parts within 48 hours. For rated products we offer full AOG support.

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