Airline Secure Key and Asset Management Solutions

Keytracker Ltd is a Secure Key and Asset Management Solutions provider for a variety of sectors both in the UK and globally, we produce the largest range of systems that are designed to effectively manage, track, and control our clients’ keys and assets. Enabling a smooth and efficient control system allows our clients’ to do what they do best without the interruption of lost or missing assets.

Keytracker systems have significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing keys and assets across many industries.

Offering quick and easy access for authorised personnel, Keytracker systems ensure keys and assets are never lost or forgotten, offering complete security and guaranteeing efficiencies.

Keytracker provides the widest range of Secure Key and Asset Management Solutions from the simplest colour coding peg organisation system, to a complex high security bespoke system cabinets, using breathalyser, pin code, swipe cards and fingerprint technology to analyse who is accessing the keys or assets and where they are inside a building or site; these systems can also be designed to integrate with software our clients already use and produce accurate live reports and alerts.

Company Profile

  • Airline Electronic Key Management Systems

    Keytracker’s Electronic Key Management Systems enhance security for large quantities of keys, combining state of the art hardware alongside corresponding easy use to admin software.

    All contents secured in Keytracker Electronic Systems can be continuously monitored, helping you to successfully track and manage your keys and assets with complete audit trails, instant reports or alerts, restricted access and 24 hour support. Additional security options are also available in the form of fingerprint and swipe card access, ensuring complete secure key and asset management.

    Do you need to physically restrict access to certain keys?

    The two Electronic Key Management Systems that Keytracker provide are the Restricted and Unrestricted Systems. The Restricted Key Access System provides complete key and asset security by physically restricting access to certain keys, locking the keys into the board that the authorised staff member does not have access to. However, if you do not require physically restricted access, the Unrestricted System may be a preferred, cost effective alternative.

  • Mechanical Peg in-Peg out Key Management System

    Keytracker’s mechanical ‘Peg in- Peg out’ boards can be made for up to 150 keys.

    The board is made up of horizontal plastic tracks that can hold up to 5 key positions.

    Each port hole holds a key position that is securely locked in by a ‘Retention Peg’ the Retention Peg and key can only released when an ‘Access Peg’ is inserted that is individual to each staff member. Only one peg can be locked in at a time, meaning either the keys themselves or the staff member’s access peg will be visible, making it easy at all times to know who has released the keys in question.

    Various colours are available for both peg types and added engravings can either be alpha, numeric or a combination of both of up to 3 characters. Each staff member must have an access peg to release the keys from the board.

    To increase security further, we are now able to offer mechanical pegboards that can restrict access to certain keys. By using different tracks, we have created a way to give management the ability to access the entire board with our specific management access pegs, whilst employees are able to only gain access to certain tracks.

    Additionally, our mechanical pegboards are also available to rent for 10p per key position per week.

  • Alcosentry Breathalyser

    Keytracker have partnered with Alcolock UK to create the perfect accessory for the Electronic Systems, available as an add-on for all our electronic key and asset management systems, this Alcosentry Breathalyser will ensure the security of your keys and assets along with the safety of your employees.

    The combination of Keytracker’s market leading key management systems combined with the internationally renowned ACS Corporations Alcolock UK, mean every aspect of responsibility through from key control, vehicle utilisation, security and legality is all covered in one easy operation.

  • Airline Key Control Software

    Keytracker have developed a bespoke software package called Key Control Software, a simple yet powerful key tracking web application.

    Key Control software has been designed and developed for any organisation to track keys. KCS allows authorised users to input all key information within the database; they can then add all staff/users to the database allowing all key movements to be tracked and the simple “check in” and “check out” application creates an audit trail of movements, which can then be exported to Excel for reporting or reference purposes.

    It can quickly be seen who has what key at any time and permissions can be set within the software, such as who can take what key or who is allowed access to what section within the software. You can also upload you own corporate branding making it fully customisable.

    Key Control Software can be hosted on either a dedicated Keytracker server or installed onto your local network server and can be accessed using a wide range of devices from PC’s and laptops to tablets and smart phones.

    For more information about the Key Control Software please visit or contact us on 0121 559 9000 and speak to a member of our dedicated team.

  • iLockerz - Intelligent Electronic Lockers & Equipment Tracking Systems

    Keytracker lockers and intelligent cabinets allow your business to safely secure and track the usage of any portable asset that is of importance to your organisation.

    iLockerz offer your business a central storage unit that can secure your keys, radios, cameras, laptops and other important equipment within to allow a hands off management approach that will increase efficiency and save valuable time and money.

    Keytracker iLockerz are available in a whole range of sizes and in various configurations to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure at all times.

    Accessed by simply entering a pin code or swiping an access card at the control panel, the electronic lockers will grant authorised users access to the keys and equipment stored within the iLockerz.

    Upon retrieval of a piece of equipment the Keytracker software will then automatically record who has been into the cabinet, what they have removed and when by using smart RFID technology- therefore giving your business an audit trail of all valuable equipment movements.

    As the lockers are stand alone, live reports and historic audit trails may then be retrieved by using the touch screen control panel or by visiting the web software that is accessible over the built in Wi-Fi, ultimately allowing missing equipment to be tracked down quickly and easily.


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