Hulamin Containers

Disposable Aluminium Foil Containers For Airline Catering

Hulamin Containers is part of the aluminium hub situated in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The company was founded in 1975 and today produces an extensive range of disposable food containers from a modern manufacturing facility.

Although our main focus is to supply the local and regional market in Africa, we also export to various other countries all around the world. We are committed to continuous improvement in our processes and to manufacture aluminium foil containers to the highest quality standards.

Company Profile

  • Disposable Aluminium Food Containers for the Aviation Industry

    Aluminium foil containers remain one of the most convenient forms of packaging for the serving of delicious hot meals to airline passengers and are universally accepted by travelers worldwide. We offer a range of containers, together with compatible clip-on lids, suitable for airline meals.

    The containers are smooth walled and lacquered white on the inside. They have been designed with the unique feature of a reverse curl, presenting a smooth horizontal rim, enabling the pack to be sealed with a purpose designed, high barrier easy peel aluminium foil lid.

  • Printing and Embossing for Airline Catering Packaging

    Hulamin Containers has partnered with specialist printers to be able to offer airline clients the opportunity to design unique prints for once off marketing and branding messages.

    It is also possible to emboss a logo or a design into the base of the container or the lid.

  • Airline Aluminium Foil Containers

    Aluminium, as a material for packaging, is ideal for protecting food due to its unrivalled barrier properties; it is non-toxic and non-hazardous to health.

  • Recycle and Save Energy and Resources

    Aluminium is at the top of the recycling chain because of its infinite recyclability without any loss or degradation in quality. Recycling of aluminium uses only 5% of the energy that was originally required to produce the metal from bauxite. By choosing aluminium packaging you will help to minimize waste, and to preserve primary raw materials and the environment. Aluminium is a sustainable material.


    Hulamin Containers operates under the following stringent ISO requirements:

    • ISO 22000

    • PAS 223

    • ISO 18000

    • ISO 14000


Hulamin Containers
5 Birmingham Road,
South Africa
  • +27 (0) 116 133 547