Airline Travel Accesssories, Promotional Items & In-flight Amenities

Half Budget has been in operation since 2008 in 5 countries and 12 time zones.

The company started its business with general promotional gifts and premiums supplies before expanding its business to supply airlines.

Nowadays the airline business has been detached into a separate division and deals either with general branding of the standard passenger amenities or with a fully customized fancy items being tailor-made.

Half Budget has its contracted manufacturers in China, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Peru, Poland and France that allows to always find the best supply chain solution and assure the best prices as well.

Company Profile

  • Travel accessories

    The travel accessories such as passport covers, document holders, inflatable U-neck pillows are highly demanded by the passengers and might be a perfect gift or onboard merchandise for every airline. Would also work perfectly to honour the frequent flyers.

    Half Budget suggests the best items, either low-costs or luxurious with all the branding types that the one may imagine.

  • Promotional items

    Half Budget offers the best items for the airlines’ self-promotion (that might be easily sold onboard indeed):

    • powerbanks, USBs, Bluetooth speakers, humidifiers and air ionizers from any material according to the airlines’ custom design;
    • phone holders, reading lamps and LED bookmarks;
    • covers for the books, tablets, smartphones and laptops;
    • thermos mugs, thermoses, thermos covers, water bottles;
    • luggage scales, suitcase covers;
    • cosmetic bags, wallets, wristwatches, eco-gifts, umbrellas;
    • promotional textiles: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies,windbreakers, hats, caps with a beautifully printed logo or fully customized;
    • games and toys for children;
    • seasonal specialties (Christmas, Easter, jubilee).
  • Passenger in-flight amenities

    Half Budget is happy to supply or create a wide range of items to ensure the 100% comfort of the airlines’ passengers.

    • cozy and useful blankets (branded or customized);
    • pillows: inflatable, stuffed (polystyrene balls, polyurethane foam with memory effect or holofiber;
    • classic, or creative eye masks;
    • comfortable disposable slippers;
    • custom made socks;
    • flight earplugs with atmospheric pressure control for the comfortable take-off and landing;
    • disposable wet wipes with a logo;
    • branded hand and face towels;
    • stands for the laptops and tablets;
  • Cockpit crew accessories

    More and more airlines start considering the crew uniform as an important part of the company’s image that requires the tailored attitude. Half Budget knows how to make the haute couture uniforms and accessories affordably and would like to share its experience with the airlines.


Travel Kits

DESCRIPTION: Classic kit for the First and Business class passengers KIT INCLUDES: That depends on the needs; different items might be purchased separately. MOQ: 1000 pcs with custom colors 500 pcs with just the logo


DESCRIPTION: These inflight blankets could be used both as a matter of promotional items and flight commodities. MATERIALS: Polyester, fleece, wool, cashmere. MOQ: 5000 pcs with custom paint 500 pcs with jacquard logo

Travel Adapters

DESCRIPTION: The kit contains charging items and adapters for mobile devices KIT INCLUDES: Power bank, adapters set, universal adapter for EU/UK/US. The elements set might be change according to the needs MOQ: 500 pcs

Travel Wallets

DESCRIPTION: These items are perfect for the frequent flyers and families. It allows to store passports, boarding passes and luggage tags MATERIALS: Polyester, silicone, PU leather, natural leather MOQ: 500 pcs

Luggage Tags and Strips

DESCRIPTION: One of the most popular and highly demanded accessories that helps passengers to mark their belongings MATERIALS: Polyester, silicone, PU leather, natural leather, craft paper, metal, plastic MOQ: 1000 pcs (depending on material)


DESCRIPTION: These toys can be sold onboard or used for promotional purposes. MATERIALS: Plush, wool, wood, PVC, ABS MOQ: 500 pcs

USB and Powerbanks

DESCRIPTION: Classic items for the promotional activities MATERIALS: Wood, metal, PVC, ABS MOQ: 500 pcs


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