Geven SpA

Aircraft Interiors, Customized Lightweight Seats Manufacturer

Aircraft Interiors, Customized Lightweight Seats Manufacturer

Geven is a solid and well-established industrial reality within the global aviation industry.  Our reliability, dedication, professionalism makes us the undisputed and renowned player in the circle of great leaders in the Aircraft Seating and Interiors manufacturing industry.

It is our mission to continue our growth, increase and improve our technological and production capacity, by constantly innovating and redefining our engineering acumen and industrial process.

Company Profile

  • Economy Seat for Single Aisle and Long Range Aircraft

    GEVEN is an Italy based aircraft seating and interiors leading force with a solid growth success, achieved in wide and narrow-body world of cabins. GEVEN provides different series of seats, like Piuma, that can be used for unusual configurations, such as an 840-seat all economy layout on the A380; a 440-seat (Piuma AQ), nine-abreast all-economy layout on the A330-300; a nine-abreast all economy, 406-seat cabin on the A330- 200; and a 10-abreast layout on the Boeing 777.

    Visibly in Italian design the Piuma series, both Basic for single-aisle application and Piuma Alta Quota(AQ) for high-density long-haul, is minimalistic and sleek, but ergonomically conceived for preservation of comfort and living space even at the tighter pitches. In Addition to the Piuma family, included the Piuma EVO, an ultra-competitive lightweight seat, especially on ULCC, always looking for fuel cost reduction, there is the newborn ESSENZA, our new economy class seat, which is the result of intensive Geven R&D team’s studies and research in new technologies, processes and materials.

    As always, the comfort of final customers is front and center of our design process. We believe that, the ESSENZA seat represent a very significant upgrade in the economy class product line we offer.

  • Business Class Seat and Premium Economy

    GEVEN is specialized in business and economy seats for single and medium haul aircraft and in economy seats for long haul aircraft. Thanks to the recent attention to the wide body cabin and the more sophisticated seating products there required, GEVEN has also seen the born of its first long range full electric business class seat: Bacio.

    BACIO is conceived with the aim of finding harmony between need for comfort and appeal of the B/C seat and the space and weight restrictions of the different long-range cabins. Passengers can adjust the seat into any position to ensure a high level of comfort for not only sleeping but also when dining, reading, enjoying calls or inflight entertainment.

    Given the market trend, to meet the constant demands of Airlines to expand their range of class cabin in order to provide a superior experience in all classes of travel, Geven has introduced also a Premium economy to its family of seat.  The newborn COMODA AQ, the Premium Eco Long Range version of its older sister COMODA, a business class seat model for Single Aisle aircraft, will be a real upgrade over economy.

  • Aircraft Interiors

    GEVEN not only produces seat but also aircraft interiors, this includes Galley, such as the certificated G1 e G2 for our customer SUKHOI International, or Galley, Lavatory, Stowage Rack, Cockpit door and single or double table console for AIRBUS Defense and Space. (also for Boing 737)

  • Thermo-Acoustical Blankets and Floor Panels

    GEVEN has been awarded by Alenia Aermacchi and qualified directly by Boeing Commercial Airplanes for the design, qualification, Manufacturing, and installation of the thermo acoustical blankets on the B787 sections assigned to Alenia by Boeing. GEVEN also is risk sharing partner of Alenia Aermacchi and Airbus into the AIRBUS A380 program for the project/design/engineering and manufacturing of the thermo acoustic insulation blankets. In addition to this Geven is an Alenia Aermacchi qualified supplier for the manufacturing of the A/C floor panel for ATR 42 /72 since 2006.

    The new qualification Geven is working on is related to the full manufacturing process starting from the raw material (ply and core) using, for bonding, two hot presses.

    The embodiment of this new capability within the company will allow to realize several typology of panels for various a/c application.


    GEVEN is AIRBUS Qualified Vendors for Single Aisle and Wide body a/c Seating and ATR single source for the new version of ATR 72 and 42 -600 Series.

    The dedicated-to-AIRBUS Family for Single Aisle and Wide body Geven seats has grown to include:

    • “Piuma” an Economy class seat with a great ergonomic awareness in design;

    • “Piuma EVO” which is the feather weight champion;

    • “Piuma CVS” for maximum class arrangement flexibility,

    • “Piuma AQ” for high density long-haul aircraft

    • and the fascinating designated “Comoda”, single aisle business class seat.

    • In addition to the existing product line including:

    • “Breeze” Business Class with a full array of options;

    • “Slim Economy Premium” for wider pitch applications;

    • “Slim High Density HD” conceived for restricted pitch conditions;

    • and “Slim CVS” for maximum class arrangement flexibility.

    GEVEN worked closely together with the ATR/Giugiaro Team to develop a family of seats, which responded in terms of quality, performance, weight and design to the high standards required from ATR for the new cabin interior named “Armonia” designed by Giugiaro. The resulting products are the Full Economy Classic and Premium Economy Prestige seats as well as the Business Class Privilege.

    All GEVEN seat models are available in full IFE integration and dressable in fine Italian Leather of every possible hue.


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