Global Provider of Onboard Products & Services

gategroup is the leading independent global provider of products, services and solutions related to a passenger’s onboard experience. We specialize in airline catering and hospitality, provisioning and logistics; and onboard products and services to companies that serve people on the move.

gategroup was established in 2008 as an umbrella organization to build on the core Gate Gourmet airline catering and provisioning business, and to recognize the Group’s evolution into a comprehensive provider of onboard products and services. Our portfolio is designed to meet the fast-changing needs of our customers around the world. We do this by offering end-to-end solutions through our group of companies. While each company addresses a specific market need, together they can also operate in an integrated way to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our customers.

With operations in every region around the globe, gategroup is well positioned to serve the needs of our customers, wherever they may be.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, gategroup offers integrated solutions on a global scale to meet the fast-changing needs of customers around the world.

  • 6 continents
  • 35 countries
  • 128 locations
  • 160+ facilities
  • 3.2m+ flights served per year
  • 350m+ passengers served

Serving more than 350 million passengers per year around the world requires discipline, fantastic production processes, dedicated employees and a vision for culinary excellence.

Company Profile

  • Catering Services

    At the core of gategroup sit both airline catering and provisioning.

    Serving more than 350 million passengers per year around the world requires discipline, fantastic production processes, dedicated employees and a vision for culinary excellence.

    From menu design through to execution and delivery, we ensure that our high standards are met and maintained through gateOPEX, gategroup’s operational excellence program. This program was developed to define and promote best practices across all functional areas.

    gategroup’s largest company, Gate Gourmet, works according to gateOPEX guidelines to deliver the best in inflight and on-ground cuisine. Serving both airlines and flight lounges, Gate Gourmet’s experienced chefs and account managers work closely with each and every one of our customer to ensure that, from business and first class to economy, their catering needs and expectations are met.

    In addition to catering, Gate Gourmet’s last mile provisioning completes their offering. Their services include:

    • pre-flight cart packing
    • delivery and galley loading
    • post-flight aircraft stripping
    • equipment washing and sterilization
    • inventory management
    • bonded warehouses
  • Network Solutions

    gategroup has decades of experience in delivering goods and services around the globe, optimized for space and passenger preference, in a cost-efficient and fully integrated, end-to-end approach.

    Partnering with gategroup and our companies will give you complete confidence that your catering logistics, onboard retail programs and related technology are fully managed across your network.

    Onboard Retail Services

    gategroup’s Gate Retail Onboard (GRO) company develops, operates and manages profitable retail programs for airlines around the world. Working as a single partner with its airline customers, GRO represents the full complement of gategroup’s comprehensive services to bring you:

    • Innovative product and service solutions – from food and beverages to merchandise selection and sourcing – reflecting the latest trends and passenger preferences
    • Data visibility and determining optimal boarding amounts to minimize waste
    • Cash and credit handling processes, controls and audit procedures
    • Performance measurement throughout the entire value chain

    Airline Technology Solutions

    Our eGate Solutions team offers airlines leading technology solutions for passenger service planning and fulfillment.

    Our end-to-end solution features comprehensive back-end business intelligence and reporting via a centralized portal to supplement the following proprietary services:

    • IFX™ – State-of-the-art business applications for managing the full onboard-service process
    • GP™ – Complete galley planning, ordering and scheduling
    • TS™ – Feature-rich cabin management and onboard retail technology

    Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

    As a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL), gategroup’s Pourshins team manages the full 3PL spectrum to ensure suppliers deliver on key metrics, most importantly the accurate volume and timing of shipments from regional warehousing centers throughout the catering network, based on projected demand. Airlines also have access to Pourshins’ own global network of logistic partners across 5 continents serving more than 650 airports around the world.

  • Products

    gategroup’s wide product range provides solutions across a variety of sectors, from traditional airline environments to commercial retail.

    Onboard Service Equipment and Solutions

    gategroup’s onboard service and equipment range provides plating and serviceware solutions in both the retail and online space. With environmentally conscious designs, gategroup’s teams at deSter are able to provide plating solutions from the design phase, through consultancy and manufacturing, to procurement.

    deSter ensures that their customer’s unique style and individual needs are taken into account in order to create innovative, tailor made concepts, in which trendsetting design and down-to-earth practicality go hand in hand.

    Premium Amenity Kits and Comfort Items

    Through selective procurement and partnerships, Harmony’s range of travel accessories provides for those on the move in both economy and luxury segments. Our teams at Harmony work closely with customers to ensure that the products, be they blankets or amenity kits, pyjamas or cosmetics, align to their brands and requirements.

    Distributed Food and Beverage Solutions

    Supplair, gategroup’s pre-packaged food and beverage solutions specialists integrate delicious food, clever packaging, inspired designs and efficient networks to meet the challenging demands of people on the move.

    The team at Supplair offers a range of products to both airline and non-airline customers covering sandwiches and handhelds, both fresh and ambient boxes, ready meals and turnkey full services solutions as well as brokerage. Supplier performance management is a focus of this company, as is product development and innovation.

  • Airport Services

    Airlines and airports around the world look to gategroup as a proven partner in airport services. We specialize in passenger hospitality and behind-the-scenes services, always with a primary focus on safety and quality.

    Airport Lounges

    Through its Performa team, gategroup offers airlines and airports bespoke design, development and operational management of award-winning lounge services. Performa helps its customers define tailor-made lounge service strategies befitting their unique brands, and then works closely with other gategroup companies to deliver on tactical needs and to create an environment of true hospitality for the well-heeled business or leisure traveler.

    Catering Inspection, Cargo Screening, and Aircraft Security

    Operating in the US in full compliance with US Department of Homeland Security and Federal Aviation Administration regulations, Gate Safe offers international and domestic airlines, cargo handlers and freight forwarders a broad array of effective compliance solutions, including:

    • Catering Inspection
    • Cargo Screening
    • Aircraft Security
    • Access Control

    Commissary, Cleaning, Passenger and Ramp Services

    Gate Aviation provides a number of comprehensive services for airlines operating in locations across the United States, England, Ireland and Australia.

    These include:

    • Light provisioning and “commissary” type services such as assembly and bar packing; top off services; and lounge support services
    • Cleaning carts and equipment, airport terminals and aircraft cabins
    • A full range of passenger and ramp services, such as skycap, wheelchair, electric cart operation, departure control, lavatory and water service, aircraft marshaling, and baggage handling
    • Cargo receiving as well as transport and delivery, complete with customs clearance
    • A variety of aircraft and airport maintenance, including ground support equipment and jet bridge maintenance


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