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Airline Ready Meals, Italian Natural Airline Catering

Sabatelli family started to produce fresh pasta in 1976, the development of this activity pushed them to introduce new technological process and to extend the range of food products: actually we produce fresh, frozen and precooked pasta, ready meals based on vegetables and meat.

The brand Sabatelli is produced and distributed all over the world with the highest quality standards, we are able to customize our food products following the customers’ requests.

Company Profile

  • Airline Ready Meals, Italian Natural Airline Food

    Gastronomia Frost offers a wide range of ready meals focused on our main product: Italian pasta.

    The production of our pasta is made according to ancient techniques, all the tradition is actually mixed with the highest technological food standards. This philosophy is expressed in our products, created using the highest raw ingredients of our land.

    Raw materials constitute the basic elements in our production: we use semolina produced from durum wheat of Italian origin, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, natural colorants; all ingredients are absolutely natural and of very high-quality, produced in the local area where no chemical treatment is necessary to protect them.

    The freezing process is controlled by a computerized system that ensures the preservation of the quality of the product from the land to the table.

  • Airline Ready Meals With Different Pasta Shapes

    Our focus is pasta, we are able to produce ready meals where pasta is the main ingredient satisfying the customer’ requests. Our customers, airlines, store chains, restaurants, bars, receive single portion frozen dish with fresh ingredients respecting the Italian taste.

  • First Class Pre-cooked Frozen Pasta

    We were born in 1976 with a handcraft laboratory for fresh pasta, later we developed and experimented different solutions to preserve the quality of our foods.

    Actually we use a well defined process to produce precooked fresh and frozen pasta for business class, we use natural colorants (vegetables of our land ), and diary fresh products.

  • Airline Ready Meals With Chicken and Vegetables

    Chicken is one of the main ingredient for economy airline dishes. We combine natural roasted chicken with Apulian vegetables, fresh and simple sauces to let the dish be more and more rich of flavors and tasty.

  • Airline Vegan Ready Meals

    Puglia is the region of vegetables, we have 400 different kind of vegetables per year, respecting the natural seasons we always have fresh and great tasting vegetables to use for our food dishes, together with pasta, rice and barley.

    Airline Appetizers

    The pleasure to taste the Italian pizza in flight with mozzarella and tomato sauce.


Gastronomia Frost - Sabatelli
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