Voice Communication Systems For Airlines And Airports

Frequentis develops and markets Voice Communication Systems For Airlines and information solutions for safety-critical applications. It offers its control centre solutions, products and services world-wide to a broad range of customers acting in various mission-critical fields.

Vital cornerstone for all business activities of Frequentis is its Voice Communication Systems For Airlines. Voice communication devices are required and can be found in almost every mission critical control centre.

The company’s core business is civil air traffic management where its voice communication systems brought Frequentis to the position of a world’s market leader for air traffic control. The same qualities that drive this success allow Frequentis to offer communication and information systems to other customers in defence, public safety, public transport and maritime markets.

Examples include deployable communication systems for military operations, command and control centre technologies for the emergency services, “tracking & tracing” systems for shipping authorities and GSM-R fixed terminal systems for national railways.

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Frequentis has an export share of 90%, reflecting the global nature of the business. The company employs about 850 staff, with subsidiaries, regional offices and representatives in over 50 countries.

Company Profile

  • Voice Communication Systems For Airlines And Airports

    Airports and airline facilities are challenged to adapt to modern communication and information needs.

    As such, they share some of the issues faced by ANSPs, needing to:

    • continue to lift safety levels as workloads grow
    • improve efficiency and lower costs as market pressures increase
    • adapt to the increased collaboration within ATM communities (e.g. NextGen and SESAR)
    • integrate systems, data sources and communication channels, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing operating environment
    • move to modern, cost-efficient solutions – like IP-based systems – in a seamless way, while safeguarding both legacy and new technology investments

    Towers, in particular, need solutions that tackle the problem of an ever-growing number of input sources, displays and equipment, with space at a premium and controller workload expanding to meet traffic increases.

  • Customised Communication Solutions

    Frequentis has the long-term experience, expertise and understanding of airport and airline needs to create customised solutions that fit the exact requirements of each client.

    Frequentis sees itself as a long-term partner, whose solutions and services solve the challenges of both today and the future.

    Frequentis solutions may be standalone elements of our ATM portfolio, an integrated Frequentis solution, or an integrated multi-vendor solution, where Frequentis uses its project and technological expertise to provide unbiased integration and project management services.

    These solutions begin with our flagship products: voice communication systems. ATC operators working at more than 16,000 positions across the globe rely on our technology, making us the world’s leading supplier.

    We provide communication solutions for any size of ATM operation, from small standalone control towers to the largest networked ATM centres.

  • Voice Communication Systems

    Our core voice communication systems, built around the VCS 3020X system, combine state-of-the-art design and technology with proven components and highly-intuitive user interfaces. The result is an efficient system customised to the precise needs of each ANSP, keeping total cost of ownership low, safety high, and retaining the flexibility to adapt to future changes in scale or operational needs.

    Our voice communication systems are complemented by a portfolio of network solutions and services. Network approaches are vital to modern ATM, connecting and integrating disparate facilities, data sources, communication channels, end-user devices and people in a common working environment.

  • Network Solutions

    Frequentis network solutions ensure cost-effective and safe transition to modern ATM systems, with integration of legacy and third-party equipment and systems as needed.

    Our networks are the answer to the integration and migration challenge that arises as technologies, needs and standards evolve, whether moving to IP-based solutions, connecting radio equipment within a digital radio network, providing backup radar data, or making the transition from AFTN to AMHS…

    But while successful ATM focuses on the right data and decision for action today, there is also a need to record and monitor those data and decisions. This isn’t (just) about complying with formal safety regulations. Trainers, analysts and investigators also need quick, intuitive access to actionable data records.

    DIVOS 3 log is our state-of-the-art recording solution designed to meet these exact ATM needs. Built for scalability, flexibility, usability and security, the system integrates easily into any size of facility, recording a vast array of data and media across a huge number of potential channels.

  • Customisable Information Systems

    Of course, the safety and efficiency benefits of integration and networking depend on the collation, presentation and communication of information using tools that allow operators to take decisions and actions quickly and correctly.

    Frequentis offers customisable information systems and automation tools that deliver, display and distribute information in the most efficient and safe way for the users.

    Multiple input and display devices are replaced with a standard user interface that gives the operator control of the display and management of information and data, improving situational awareness and reducing human error. These information management and automation tools return control to ATM facilities and controllers, and a modular approach allows them to integrate seamlessly with each other or third-party products.

Company News

Successful drone test flights in Austria for EU project GOF 2.0

The drone market is growing rapidly and unmanned aerial vehicles, including air taxis, are the next milestone for the development of airborne digital mobility technologies. The SESAR 3 JU project GOF 2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace …

UK skies protected by C4i Pty Ltd secure voice communication system

C4i Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based secure voice communications company, has provided its VOICE C2 voice over IP (VoIP) communication system (VCS) for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Guardian project, providing the UK’s new Air Command …

Royal Netherlands Airforce selects FREQUENTIS secure voice communication system as most economically advantageous in tender

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) is replacing three end of life voice communication systems (VCS), selecting the Frequentis secure VCS as the most suitable for its demands in a competitive tender. RNLAF is responsible for …

Slovenia Control enhances area and terminal control performance with Frequentis software

Slovenia Control, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) for Slovenia, has selected Frequentis to upgrade the software of its Safety Nets for area and terminal control to provide enhanced performance, safety and alerting functionalities. The …

FREQUENTIS continues voice communication system replacement for Airservices Australia under the OneSKY program

Frequentis will provide Airservices with an independent backup voice communication solution for added resilience Airservices Australia has contracted Frequentis for a Bypass Voice Communication System (BVCS) to be used in the new Civil Military Air Traffic …

Mexico to enhance airspace network availability with FREQUENTIS satellite system upgrade

Frequentis to upgrade Mexican VSAT network in cooperation with ND Satcom SENEAM, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Mexico, has selected a turnkey VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) network solution from Frequentis, in cooperation with …

CAELUM and FREQUENTIS partner to develop solutions for South Korean unmanned traffic management market

CAELUM Co., Ltd, a South Korean aerospace & defense industry developer, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Frequentis Singapore Pte Ltd, a global industry leader in air traffic management (ATM) systems, to work …

France selects FREQUENTIS Remote Digital Tower

Frequentis to deploy remote digital tower technology in France French Air Navigation Service Provider, DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne), has selected Frequentis to supply its state-of-the-art Remote Digital Tower (RDT) solution in France. …

FREQUENTIS UTM system to optimise drone operations for Norwegian offshore platforms

FREQUENTIS to extend UTM system for Avinor ANS enabling safe and efficient drone use around offshore platforms Avinor ANS, Norwegian Air Navigation Services, has contracted Frequentis to extend its existing unmanned traffic management (UTM) system to …

Finland transforms air traffic surveillance with FREQUENTIS’ highly resilient Wide Area Multilateration system

Finland set to operate world’s largest Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system with network of 120 ground stations Fintraffic Air Navigation Services (ANS) Ltd, the Finish Air Navigation Service Provider, has enhanced its air traffic surveillance …

FREQUENTIS and Metron Aviation sign Memorandum of Understanding to reduce flight costs and environmental impact

Frequentis and Metron Aviation, two aviation leaders specialising in air traffic management (ATM) solutions, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on projects of mutual interest in the fields of air traffic flow …

ICAO and MEVA III member states extend satellite network services with FREQUENTIS until 2025

Frequentis to operate Central America and Caribbean satellite network for additional three-year period ICAO and the MEVA III Member States have contracted Frequentis to continue the management of its satellite network services until 2025. Frequentis was …

Qatar enhances airspace communication and tower automation with FREQUENTIS to meet expected air traffic increases

Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has selected Frequentis to upgrade its existing voice communication system (VCS) and modernise its air traffic control (ATC) tower operation to meet air traffic demand resulting from the World Cup …

Denmark’s Naviair selects FREQUENTIS ATM system as backup for Area Control Centre and Approach/Tower units

Naviair, the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of Denmark, will replace its current Clear-The-Sky (CTC) backup Air Traffic Management (ATM) system with a PRISMA backup solution from Frequentis Comsoft, capable of providing continuous traffic handling, …

FREQUENTIS Australasia to develop drone integration platform for Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia has selected Frequentis to participate in a competitive down-selection process to create Australia’s first Flight Information Management System (FIMS). The system will support the safe integration of emerging airspace users into the country’s …

Papua New Guinea to enhance safety-critical airspace network with FREQUENTIS

NiuSky Pacific Limited selects Frequentis technology to optimise air traffic management network performance Papua New Guinea's National Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), NiuSky Pacific Limited, has selected Frequentis for a pilot project to further improve their …

FREQUENTIS and T-Systems – strategy for the digital airport

Partnership for digitisation of airports around the world - More efficiency and sustainability With T-Systems and Frequentis, two experts are now pooling their aviation expertise. The aim of the partnership is the far-reaching …

FREQUENTIS installs 201st voice switch for the US Federal Aviation Administration

Monroe, Louisiana (MLU) receives milestone voice communication installation in long running FAA replacement program Frequentis and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently completed installation of the 201st Air Traffic Control (ATC) voice communication system (VCS) in …

French air traffic control to benefit from FREQUENTIS and CS GROUP voice communication systems in 20-year replacement program

French Air Navigation Service Provider, DSNA, awarded Frequentis and CS GROUP a 20-year contract to provide a main and back-up IP-based radio/telephone Voice Communication System (VCS) for 14 main air traffic control (ATC) approach and …

FREQUENTIS signs agreement with Indra to digitalise the EUROCONTROL Integrated Network Management (iNM) system

Frequentis will partner with Indra for the development of the EUROCONTROL Integrated Operational Airspace Data (iOAD) digital products. This agreement follows EUROCONTROL’s selection of Indra and its partners to perform the digital transformation of its …

Argentina completes airspace communication modernisation with FREQUENTIS technology Frequentis’ communication systems connect all Argentinian area control centers (ACCs)

Empresa Argentina de Navegacion Aerea (EANA) and Frequentis have concluded the installation of the Frequentis voice communication systems (VCS) and DIVOS recording systems for all Argentinian flight information regions (FIRs) at five ACCs – Ezeiza, …

FREQUENTIS and Unmanned Experts join NASA air mobility project

© NASA NASA and its partners to increase maturity of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem Frequentis offers Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solution for airspace management, flight approval, and operator and drone registry Unmanned Experts are …

Ports of Jersey upgrades airspace communication with FREQUENTIS IT voice system

Frequentis is successfully implementing three VCS systems in Jersey, supporting main, contingency and emergency operation systems Ports of Jersey Limited (PoJ) selected the Frequentis IT voice communication system (VCS) in late 2020 to upgrade three end …

FREQUENTIS: Acquisition of Australian-based C4i complements Frequentis global Defence portfolio

Completion of the acquisition of C4i Pty. Ltd., formalised on 30 July 2021, completes the L3Harris transaction of 23 February 2021 C4i will strengthen Frequentis worldwide Defence business and portfolio with its highly secure interoperable …

Royal Canadian Air Force trusts FREQUENTIS communication and recording technology for three new tactical control radars

Frequentis Canada Limited has been selected by the prime contractor Thales Canada Inc. to provide mission critical communication equipment for its Tactical Control Radar (TCR) contract with the Department of National Defence (DND). The contract, …

FREQUENTIS Defense, Inc. drives defense business growth with appointment of new President, Jay Balakirsky

International safety-critical solutions provider, Frequentis, has appointed its USA Vice President of Sales, Jay Balakirsky, as President Frequentis Defense Inc. in the USA. The move aims to increase Frequentis’ presence in the defense domain in …

Dronecloud and FREQUENTIS collaborate to integrate drone platform with ATC systems

Dronecloud, the drone Flight Management Software provider, has selected Frequentis to join a consortium that will collaborate on the development of open standard integrations to help unlock Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone flights …

Air traffic optimisation leader, Orthogon, joins FREQUENTIS Group in first step of L3Harris acquisition

Frequentis portfolio benefits from Orthogon software, capable of reducing air traffic controller workload and carbon emissions The former L3Harris Orthogon, based in Bremen, Germany, will now operate as Frequentis Orthogon. The company’s software benefits todays crowded …


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