Lightweight and Secure Airline Galley Carts, SmartCart, PlaneGuard, DataLock and Sentinel

Safety, security and streamlining dominate aviation. Founded in 2013 under the WRASP Group, FlightWeight specialises in lightweight security solutions for the aviation sector.

FlightWeight’s unique solutions are designed from the ground up to deliver dramatically improved security, substantial fuel savings, and significant operational efficiency in the air and on land. Our groundbreaking products are powered by AirGuard, patented lock and seal technology at the heart of SmartCart, PlaneGuard, DataLock and Sentinel.

Every device is built and tested according to the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority. Alone in innovation and expertise, FlightWeight is committed to delivering reduced weight and increased security across your fleet.

Company Profile

  • Revolutionary, Lightweight and Secure Galley Carts

    The SmartCart combines revolutionary weight saving materials with industry-leading security technology. Using advanced automotive industry construction techniques, each SmartCart is five kilos lighter than traditional galley carts. When you consider how many carts are in an entire fleet, the weight and cost savings soon become staggering. The modular nature of the cart makes repairs quick and easy – meaning there’s less costly downtime. The carts can even be flat-packed for transportation when not in use.

    As well as huge weight savings, the SmartCart also provides unparalleled security features. Traditional plastic seals and padlocks are simple to break, costing airlines untold sums in stolen goods – not to mention the security risk that comes with tampered goods. SmartCart’s electronic management system secures carts with four-point deadlocks, issuing and recording clone-proof seal numbers. Access is controlled by a staff-specific RFID card, meaning you can see exactly who accessed the cart and when.

    With no capital purchase necessary, the SmartCart can be leased for as little as 47p per day – less than the cost of a traditional plastic seal – making it the only smart choice for airlines.

  • DataCart: Track the Where, When and How of Every Cart

    DataCart is the companion product to the SmartCart, using the SmartCart’s electronic management system to provide useful, actionable data for airlines. DataCart is fully-mobile and fitted with an on-board computer and printer, which records information and prints custom manifests. Stored data is transferred to back office computers operating our DataStore programme. Think of it as a mobile command centre for carts.

    You can use the DataCart to pull data from the SmartCart, discovering where and when it was accessed and who by. As well as helping asset management by tracking where each cart is, it also allows access to management information such as damage and maintenance reports. Rather than having to move multiple carts to different areas for scanning, the mobile DataCart can be transported to wherever scanning needs to take place, making data collection easier and more efficient.

  • Galley Carts that are Simple to Maintain and Repair

    As well as being heavy and vulnerable to break-ins, traditional galley carts are easy to damage and difficult to repair. Thanks to its modular construction, the SmartCart can be quickly and easily repaired, using interchangeable components secured on an aluminium frame. Panels can be repaired on site in the bond or kitchen, without the need to remove the cart form service. The ability to flat pack the cart means spare panels and carts can be easily and cost-effectively transported too, if necessary.

    The SmartCart is also user-friendly and easy to operate. Staff operating manuals are supplied, but in addition, Flightweight runs crew training courses throughout the UK. These courses cover daily routine operations as well as the storage of data and production of management reports. Flightweight also aims to have independent service engineers attached to all hub airports to service and maintain Flightweight products.

  • A Full Family of Lightweight and Secure Products

    The SmartCart is also available as a double cart, with a weight saving of up to nine kilos. You can also buy refuse carts constructed from the same lightweight material – meaning even your rubbish bins can contribute to cost savings on-board.

    Plus, the advanced AirGuard lock and seal technology used on SmartCart can be bought separately and retrofitted to your own carts, providing a more effective security barrier and deterring theft and tampering.


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