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Airline Leather Seats Cleaning, Restoration and Renovation

Only Fenice can offer the original “spare parts” in leather renovation.

Fenice products, used for aircraft seats leather repair and renovation, are the same as those supplied by Fenice to the tanneries for the production of the original aircraft leather.

This guarantees that the excellent characteristics of the seats repaired with Fenice technology fulfill the rigorous quality specifications that the aircraft companies demand for their newly installed leather seats.

Repairs performed by Fenice will restore leather to its original ‘brand new’ finish.

Fenice is the technological leader in aircraft leather cleaning, repair and renovation, certified ISO 9001, 9100, 9110 and Easa Part145.

As partner to the most prestigious airlines and successful tanneries worldwide, Fenice is present throughout Italy and in over 50 countries across the globe since 1973.

Fenice’s unique knowledge and commitment to treating leather is guaranteed throughout its whole life cycle, from the tanning process to the customer care.

FENICE is extremely proud of its fully equipped testing laboratories where the latest, most sophisticated technology is used to perform careful testing of the physical characteristics on finished products, thus guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan.

FENICE is the only company in the world to offer such high quality lab testing to the after-care market, including: rub resistance, light resistance, Taber test, Gakushin test, flexing resistance, cold crack resistance, Martindale abrasion, staining resistance, water permeability, fogging test, tear strength, elasticity test, ageing test…

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Leather Cleaning, Repair and Renovation

    If you care for your leather, you need the professionals. People with serious knowledge and experience on leather, who master the chemical technology for the daily production of the original aircraft leather. The only company with a test centre to check and certify the performance and endurance of the finished seat.

  • Fast Turn Around

    FENICE’s professionally trained technicians work efficiently to produce high quality results. The world most advanced renovation center is optimized for excellency, to ensure maximum attention to detail. Covers are renewed and returned in an incredibly short time.

  • Save Up To 70%

    Leather renovation allows you to save up to 70% when compared to replacement. The technology initially applied to leather in the tannery is used to guarantee the same performance and durability as the original seat.

  • Prolonging The Life Of Leather

    Leather renovated with FENICE’s Technology is extremely durable and the constant use of FENICE Leather Protector will ensure high stain resistance, facilitating the cleaning process.


Fenice Care System
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