FBS International

Airline Food & Beverage Supplier

FBS International is a world leading Airline Food & Beverage Supplier, who takes on the role to select products, deal with all manufacturers, insure all administrative procedures and deliver to our airline customers anywhere in the world. We are your partner from all the products coming from France or Europe. We take care of the sourcing, details of the packaging, certificates and transport formalities (Air, sea, and land).

FBS International was created in 1985 by Mr Brigout. This epicurean, fan of good food and wine is still known for being one of the first exporters from the Rungis market. He started exportation worldwide and had the knowledge of products and export procedures. He knew how to meet each market requirement. And was keen on transmit his “know-how” to his team.

Over 30 years ago, FBS International began by distributing food and wine to the importers, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in the world. FBS is today delivering thousands of products on each continent.

In 1998 Cyrille Lagier joined the company and created the airline catering service. He serves now 35 airlines with food, Spirits, Wines and Champagnes. Cyrille Lagier is the owner of FBS International since 2010 and wants to go on with the original spirit of FBS: FOOD BEVERAGE SERVICE ON TOP!

FBS is still today:

  1. Distributing quality products
  2. Export documentation expertise
  3. Client/supplier connection
  4. A unique interlocutor for all your products.

Company Profile

  • Airline Beverages

    With a permanent storage of more than 600 pallets of miniatures and large bottles of Spirits, Wines, and Champagnes, FBS International is in a position to supply airline companies, twice a day, to Charles de Gaulle and Orly International Airports. Deliveries will be done according to your requirements.

    FBS International also provides a large choice of non alcoholic beverages, as well as various foodstuffs (bread, biscuits, cheese…).

    For your supplies, you need a flexible, effective, and professional partner : FBS International.

    “FBS is the airline companies top supplier for Wines, Champagne and Spirits.”

  • Airline Food

    With a cold store, where its team checks and packs all the products, located on the Rungis International fresh food market, FBS International is in a position to prepare customers’ orders quickly and to deliver Roissy Airport daily.

    With a network of forwarders, we are also able to prepare sea containers within 15 days. For your supply you need flexible, effective, and professional partners, call FBS International.

    “FBS delivers anywhere in the world all your food products. With FBS it is only one intermediary.”

  • Airline Catering Services

    • Sourcing all around France and Europe.
    • Permanant Storage of 600 paletts for alcohol.
    • Cold store in Rungis where to pack the products.
    • Labelling, jet print.
    • Relation with Forwarder Preparation of all the necessary export documents (for customs, certificate of origin, health certificate, registration…).
    • Marketing tools to highlight products training for your staff and customers to learn about our products, marketing and sales promotion in site.

    “Our priority is to give the best Service. FBS’ reactive and professional team will deal with your requirements.”


FBS International
60 avenue de la villette
94153 Rungis MIN
  • +33 1 49 79 76 10