Baggage Tags, RFID, Airline Documents, Check-In Material, Boarding Passes

ETIKAIR is the most advanced and innovative European company supplying to Airports, Ground Handling Companies, and Airlines with airport consumables such as: boarding cards and passes, baggage tags, ticketing and all related products. Etikair is the best international airport partner achieving excellent performance from the simplest to the most complex sophisticated customer demand.

As an adhesive label producer with the objective of being the best choice and best performing European label producer, operating for the most demanding companies, in a global complex, uncertain, structural and logistical environment. With emphasis on people, technology, and new ideas, Etikair aims at a constant improvement of its services through innovation in the perspective that helping its customer’s growth is the real assessment of its success.

ETIKAIR, main Italian manufacturer of boarding passes and baggage tags, was born in 2003 as a division of ETIKA ITALIANA, a company working since 1964 in the field of top quality industrial labels. Experience and professionalism are the keys for ETIKA leading role of supplier serving the most important multinational companies internationally. The mother company ETIKA in 1964 was the first in Italy and among the first in Europe to produce adhesive labels, a product that at that time was revolutionary. Etika benefited and helped spreading the enthusiastic mood and adventurous spirit of the 60’s in the factory district of Cinisello, Bresso, S.S. Giovanni where other revolutionary ideas and products became true.

Company Profile

  • Targets

    ETIKAIR serves international airports with quality of a handicraft culture, aggressive costs, unique facilities, innovation research, problem solving skills, helps them in increasing their own success. We believe it is mandatory not just know your problems, but to go further by fully understanding them and propose to you solutions to make you achieve all the financial, operative, quality objectives you are trying to reach even beyond your expectations.

    This objective is not only a declaration of intent but the opening approach for concrete analysis and actions. If your business has constraints we will offer you solutions to breach them. We will help you to: face unpredictable events, limit stocking space and warehousing costs, lowering product costs per unit, improve Invoicing and cash-flow, reduce management costs and monitoring costs, identify hidden costs, comply with ecological issues, improve your service quality, increase your productivity.

  • RFID & Baggage Tags

    RFID is technologically speaking an old invention. Unfortunately the reason why we perceive it as new is because it never became really visibly widespread with applications in everyday life. The reasons for this lack of commercial exploitation aren’t in a dispute about their validity, even if some early prototypes did have problem of reliability when put in real world situations. The problem is cost. Even if the cost has lowered through the years it still has a dramatic impact on the budget of airport operators that discourages them from a switch from traditional systems to the RFID.

    The implementation of RFID requires a compelling preliminary analysis that collects all the pros and cons and transforms them into economic values. These values guide the decision about the financial viability of the project. The few airports who are working consistently with this technology use it to track luggage within the premises of their own airport. Some airlines have adopted RFID to track the correctness of the loading from the check in to the carrier.

    If your case is analyzing the viability of an RFID choice, or finding alternative lower cost RFID Baggage Tags, or trying other applications like vehicle tracking or monitoring the maintenance of devices we will do our best to try improve your business with some significant answer.

  • Boarding Passes

    • ATB2
    • No Magnetic Stripe, No Pocket
    • With Magnetic Stripe
    • With Magnetic Stripe and Pocket
    • With Pocket
    • Self Check-in
    • Manual Boarding Passes
    • Transit Cards
  • Special Tags

    • Heavy
    • Fragile
    • Heavy Baggage
    • Approved Cabin Baggage
    • Delivery at Aircraft
    • Security Label:
      • Security Checked
      • Expedite Security Cleared
      • Rush Security Cleared
    • Name Tags
    • Checked Baggage
    • Wheelchair Label
    • Fire Arms
    • Seat Charts
    • Baggage Charts
    • Parking Tickets
    • Seals


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