Egret Aviation

Specialists In Design And Manufacture Of On-Board Galley Equipment

Egret Aviation specializes in designing and manufacturing of on-board galley equipment for aviation and railway industries.

The core products of the company include cabin service carts, standard containers, oven racks and inserts, drawers, folding trolleys and other associated parts and components.

Supplying certified products of high quality at competitive prices in short lead-times is the key advantage of our company.

Egret has 20 years of experience

The management team of the company has extensive knowledge with decades of experience in the industry, which enables the company to be successful in a competitive environment.

Through high levels of flexible production and cost efficiencies, Egret Aviation’s enthusiastic and dedicated team are willing to share the benefits of this with all of its business partners.

We do not believe in resting on our laurels. We are constantly working and striving to introduce modern solutions whilst closely observing market trends to develop new items to cater to our customers’ expectations and requirements.


Reduced Weight Meal and Beverage Carts

Reduced Weight Carts are made from high-grade aluminium alloy extrusions, sheets and stainless steel hardware, with approved insulation foams that satisfy all fire property requirements. Conventional carts have proven track records for decades and remain …

Lightweight Meal and Beverage Carts

Features and Options Lightweight designs Embossed or engraved logo on top and/or on lock plates on request ATLAS, KSSU, ACE or customized configuration With or without dry ice tray Card holders or destination plates Logo …

Waste Trolleys

Features and Options Embossed or engraved logo ATLAS, KSSU, ACE or customized configuration Top load only or top and door load with high or low bin Logo plate Kick plate Choice of decorative colors Silkscreen …

Sales Cart

Features and Options Reduced weight Embossed or engraved logo ATLAS, KSSU, ACE or customized configuration Adjustable runners Logo plate Kick plate Choice of decorative colors Transparent sales carts with reduced weight are made of high-grade aluminum …

Container Trolley (Space Frame)

Features and Options Embossed or engraved logo on top Logo plate Kick plate Choice of decorative colors Silkscreen logo Container trolleys are used to load meal containers for return meal service. The trolleys with reduced weight …

Folding Trolley

Features and Options Customized dimensions 2-shelf or 3-shelf designs Logo plate Choice of decorative colors Silkscreen logo Egret provides 2 and 3-layer folding trolleys mainly with customized dimensions. Folding trolleys are mainly used for meal service for …

Standard Containers

Features and Options Egret ATLAS and KSSU standard containers (also widely known as standard units or meal carriers) come with patented and proven slam lock design. Twist lock design is also available on request. Half size ATLAS …

Ice Containers

Features and Options Ice containers are normally used for storage of ice cubes for beverage services onboard. While the most common ice containers fit ATLAS galleys, there are also KSSU ice containers occasionally in use. Egret's …

Oven Racks

Features and Options Embossed or engraved logo Logo plate Anodized Both bodies and frames of Egret oven racks are manufactured using high quality aluminium sheets and extrusions. Egret offers the most popular ATLAS oven rack (for 32 …

Oven Trays

Features and Options Egret produces all type of aluminum trays (also called oven skids) for oven racks including standard ATLAS trays, extended ATLAS trays and standard KSSU trays, as well as aluminum trays with customized sizes. All …

Plastic Drawer

Features and Options Plastic drawers are normally made of Polypropylene (PP) or Polycarbonate (PC). For cost reason, PP drawers are more popular in the market. With minimum order of 2000 drawers, any color can be customized …

Aluminum Drawer

Features and Options The most common aluminum drawers are standard ATLAS drawers, lightweight perforated Drawers and KSSU drawers. Customization in all sizes can be arranged on demand.


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