eCube Solutions

Temporary Storage Programmes for Commercial Aircrafts

eCube Solutions is an aviation services company based at St. Athan Aerospace Business Park, near Cardiff, U.K., which specialises in ‘end-of-life’ aircraft projects:

  • Providing operators and owners with facilities to park and store aircraft in a highly secure and economic environment.

  • Delivering the quickest, most accurate and best value aircraft dis-assembly (teardown/parting-out) service in Europe

  • Considerable storage capacity for components, including bulk items and engines

Company Profile

  • Provision of Aircraft Parking, Care and Maintenance Programmes

    eCube Solutions provides highly economic and effective temporary storage programmes for most commercial aircraft types, working in close co-operation with Part 145 and CAMO partner companies to deliver EASA approved services.

  • Aircraft Decommissioning Services

    Our customers tell us that we provide the highest quality, fastest and most accurate aircraft dis-assembly service in Europe. We are so confident in our processes that we guarantee superior performance in  terms of speed and precision. The operation is performed by a dedicated, skilled workforce in an MRO-style hangar environment, ensuring repeatable high standards, unaffected by climate or limitations of daylight.

  • Packaging and Crating to International Shipping Standards

    Premium quality packaging and crating is a critical element of any dis-assembly project. Attention to detail is essential if asset values are to be maintained during transportation. Similarly, it only wastes time and money if a component or aerostructure requires re-crating before shipping internationally. eCube Solutions prides itself on ‘single-touch’ packaging and crating – our clients have no need to re-crate, wherever the ultimate destination.

  • Aircraft Component Storage

    The facilities at St. Athan have substantial storage capacity for both components and engines. The location is an ideal economic solution for storing large components which have been removed during dis-assembly, rather than shipping to a higher cost central warehouse optimised for faster moving parts.

  • eCube Location and Facilities

    St. Athan is ideally located just 5 miles from Cardiff Airport, with easy access to Europe’s capital cities, as well as the UK motorway network.

    The South Wales region has substantial aerospace resources, skills and experience, highlighted by the presence of major facilities of industry leading players such as British Airways, GE and Nordam. A supply chain of over 150 aerospace businesses has contributed to building one of the UK’s primary regions for manufacturers and maintenance companies in the aerospace sector.

    The airfield at St. Athan benefits from on-going investments in airport standards of infrastructure – such as a recently re-surfaced runway capable of landing wide-bodied aircraft, an ILS to assure landing in poor visibility, and a high level of perimeter security – combined with the costs and flexibility of a secondary field.

    eCube operates from a 2 bay, 45000 sq ft hangar conveniently located with easy access from the main runway and adjacent to a dedicated engine run-up area. The hangar provides the opportunity for 24/7 operations as required to respond to customer demand.


eCube Solutions
Building 208
St Athan Aerospace Business Park
Vale of Glamorgan
United Kingdom
CF62 4AF
  • +44 (0) 1446 751911
  • +44 7919 305280