Dynamo Aviation

Airline Cabin Equipment, Galley Inserts, Water Heaters, Egt Harnesses

DYNAMO Aviation is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered products, serving aircraft manufacturers, airliners, aircraft operators, completion centers and MRO’s worldwide.

DYNAMO has built a strong market reputation of solving complex customer problems through innovative design of solutions engineered to provide better performance, reliability & value. Established in 1986, Dynamo Aviation has always been recognized for exceeding its customer expectations by producing high quality products, innovative engineered solutions and highly responsive service to its customers.

DYNAMO operates out of two facilities, totaling 57,000 sq. ft. in North Hills, CA and Chatsworth, CA.

DYNAMO has progressively developed new products and systems for various aircraft applications.

DYNAMO services the commercial, business aviation and military customer base worldwide. Our goal has always been the same – ensuring we deliver our customers with high-quality products that meet their specific requirements for the best value and on-time delivery.

Company Profile

  • Product Solutions

    • Galley inserts (refrigerator, wine chiller, cold storage unit, microwave, convection oven and coffee maker)
    • Water heaters
    • Water systems
    • EGT harnesses
    • Ground support equipment
  • Manufacturing Solutions

    • CNC and NC machining
    • Water jet,
    • Sheet metal punch press
    • Welding
    • and other manufacturing and fabrication capabilities.
  • Repair Solutions

    • Aircraft batteries
    • Temperature probes
    • Structural and non structural tubes
    • Engine mounts
    • Fuel tanks
    • EGT harnesses
    • Water heaters and galley inserts to include coffee makers and ovens
  • Humidifiers

    The dry air on a long range flight can cause tiredness, redness of eyes, dryness of the skin, all of which leave passengers and crew feeling jet lagged and fatigued when they reach their destination. Humidifiers provide moister to the air, making it easier on your eyes, your skin and your ability to breathe and sleep better. In the end you arrive at your destination in comfort and fully rested.

    Built-in humidifiers can be costly and often not very reliable. The Dynamo designed humidifier is simple, yet effective. The unit is designed as a carry on. It is constructed using stainless steel, with a ¾ gallon tank capacity. The humidifier offer simplicity of operation and 15 hours of continuous operation between refills. It plugs into any 115 VAC outlets. A single unit in the cabin is designed to provide approximately 10 cubic feet of cabin area coverage.

    These units can easily be mounted in the side ledges of the cabin, crew rest areas and cockpits.


Dynamo Aviation
16760 Schoenborn Street
North Hills
United States
CA 91343
  • +1 (818) 785-9561