Dr. Suwelack

The Coffee House Company Manufacture Freeze-Dried Coffee In Premium Quality

Dr. Suwelack is a German based high quality freeze-dried instant coffee producer with more than 50 years’ experience in serving major roasters, brands, retailer, vending industries and Airlines worldwide. We deliver Coffee Enjoyment for your success.

Dr. Suwelack is using innovative technology, including unique coffee aroma protection processes for the production of its wide range – from single origins to specialities and certified coffee products – Dr. Suwelack is offering Freeze-dried coffee at its best!

Dr. Suwelack – the coffee house company provides freeze-dried coffee in premium quality throughout the complete manufacturing process from bean to cup.

  • Selection of high-grade raw coffee beans from the best coffee-growing regions in the world and the strictest quality controls.
  • Careful hot air roasting by experienced master roasters.
  • Extra-gentle and innovative procedure for extracting coffee.
  • Gentle coffee aroma-protection freeze-drying and processing to the final premium coffee product

Dr. Suwelack – the coffee house company accompanies individual Airline projects from the conception of new products through the final customized packaging solutions with customer-specific layouts.

Dr. Suwelack Coffee Enjoyment for your success.

Dr. Suwelack – Freeze-Dried Coffee of highest quality standard

Coffee Aroma is the soul of good coffee and Dr. Suwleack is very passionate about this. For the production of its wide variety of aromatic freeze-dried soluble coffees, Dr. Suwelack has succeeded in offering a superior quality, meeting the highest customer requirements. We offer you coffee creations in premium-quality for an everywhere convenient coffee enjoyment – from single origin coffee via certified coffee specialties over well balanced coffee blends or micro ground Barista Style Coffee to special exclusive customized blend creation.

Dr. Suwelack – the coffee house company manufacture coffee creations for premium-quality coffee enjoyment:

Single-origin coffee with the typical taste of the coffee from a special region (e.g. Columbia, Ethiopia, Tanzania or Brazil)
Coffee specialities, e.g. espresso, certified coffees or organic coffees, some also decaffeinated.
Well-balanced blends of beans from various provenances.
Innovative compositions made of freeze-dried coffee, encapsulated with a portion of micro ground roast coffee
Customized coffee blend development exclusively for individual customers.

Dr. Suwelack Coffee Enjoyment for your success.


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