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Schär, your gluten free partner onboard

Our story began almost 40 years ago with a vision to improve the lives of people with special nutritional needs. Our fundamental attitude has been the proximity to the consumer ever since the company was founded. Our core competence combines specific, complex requirements placed on nutrition with joie de vivre and indulgence. Our values responsibility, progress and proximity give the company stability and predictability. We are a family-run company with a global reach: 15 sites in nine countries and more than 1.200 employees worldwide. Our products are available in more than 85 countries worldwide.

35 years ago, our founder Ulrich Ladurner began to bring gluten free products to consumers. Even back then, we were driven by two things: firstly, to offer solutions to the dietary problems people with gluten intolerance have to face, in particular regarding the choice and availability of relevant products. Secondly, to satisfy consistently the need for the best possible quality and to improve this constantly.

It was clear from the start onwards that the promise of enjoyment and enhanced well-being for people comes from the best quality. Accordingly, the functional benefits of reliability, choice and taste were always combined with the emotional benefits of normality and a rediscovered zest for life. Rapid expansion followed as national borders could be no barrier to this mission. Today we are the global brand leader and recognized gluten free expert.

Our drive remains the same: never to be satisfied and always to strive for the best, since our leading quality and innovation is the strategic foundation of the company’s future success and independence.

The mission of the Foodservice department of Dr. Schär is to offer everyone affected by celiac disease the possibility to eat safe gluten free food also when they’re out and about. With this in mind, Dr. Schär Foodservice aim to achieve this goal with high quality, safe and easy product solutions developed exclusively for the catering sector.

Company Profile

  • Schär’s Gluten Free Concept

    Schär’s gluten free concept is the dedicated solution for airlines. It includes authentic, quality Italian heritage dishes as a gluten free hot meal (Lasagne or Cannelloni), a gluten free bread with butter, and a gluten free sweet snack.

    With its easy handling it closes the gap between special food requirements and the complexity of on board catering. Schär’s gluten free concept stands for maximum safety and quality for the consumer as well as for the crew.

  • Schär’s Portion Pack and Bake Foil Solutions

    Schär’s portion pack solutions guarantee a safe, simple and fast handling for the staff. Because of the single packaging, the caterer has no fall-out product and there is no risk of contamination, because the final consumer opens the package. Our sliced White Bread / Pane Bianco comes in convenient one-portion packs, as well as our Magdalena sponge cakes with apricot jam, Petit buttery biscuits, Nocciolì wafer biscuits and Pausa Ciok (a sponge cake with milk-cream filling and chocolate coating).

    The Bake Foil products are an innovative solution for onboard catering. Cross contamination being the biggest concern for consumers and caterers alike, Schär’s unique packaging solution allows caterers to “bake off” the breads in their sealed packaging alongside mainstream products, without any risk of contamination. The bread can also be thawed and served direct, allowing maximum flexibility. We offer a range of products in handy single-size portions, wrapped in ovenproof paper, to guarantee a risk-free cross contamination cooking process, even when cooked beside food containing gluten. Dr. Schär Foodservice can recommend a ham and cheese Focaccia; frozen and ready to crisp up, as well as our delicious “Crème Noisette” croissants.


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