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Complete Systems for Dishwashing, Cleaning and Waste management

Diskomat plans and installs complete systems for dishwashing, cleaning and waste management. Our aim is to create hygienic, ergonomic and energy-efficient dishwashing areas with the best overall economy and the least environmental impact possible. Today, Diskomat is perhaps regarded as the leading supplier of dishwashing area solutions for demanding applications.

We focus on airline catering kitchens, hospital kitchens, school canteens, food courts and staff restaurants that handle huge volumes of washing-up every day, as well as on à la carte restaurants that handle a more exclusive and fragile range of glasses, plates, cutlery and serving dishes etc.

Our objective is to offer the best service and the best quality on a strategic level that is all about creating cost-effective, ergonomic, energy-efficient and environmentally-adapted dishwashing systems and on a detailed level that focuses on the products/washing-up items and the handling of them.

However, that does not mean that our main aim is to sell you the most equipment we can. Our aim is quite the opposite. We do not want to supply you with more equipment than you actually need. This is because we know that with a well-thought out total solution it is possible to create a more efficient dishwashing facility, often with less equipment and area requirement. And efficiency is what our entire business boils down to – to reduce stoppages, energy losses and the environmental impact. To create better profitability for your business, a better work environment and increased comfort for your employees, whether they be part of the waiting staff or the washing-up staff.

Company Profile

  • Complete Dishwashing Systems For Airline Catering Kitchens

    Diskomat have installed many dishwashing areas with functional and energy-efficient washing systems in flight kitchens around the world. We have learned that efficiency is a prerequisite for a functioning flight kitchens. Therefore we design dishwashing plants that can handle rotables from numerous airlines with parallel flows.

    Hygiene is another important prerequisite. We ensure that flight kitchen meets the stringent demands of the catering companies by drawing facilities that also include waste management and safe cleaning of equipment and all surfaces in the dishwashing area. The challenge for the airline catering is to adapt the dishwashing for varying flow rates:

    • Round the clock
    • At low and high occupancy
    • Minimizes the cost of dishwashing per delivered tray

    Let us help. We know flight catering and offer a complete range that takes into account energy consumption, environmental impact, safety, cleaning and recycling of waste.

  • Efficient Dishwashing Systems

    Our mission is to minimise the cost of dishwashing per tray delivered and, at the same time, provide a functional, energy-efficient and hygienically safe facility.

    It is all about creating an efficient flow in your dishwashing facility, both when it is busy and when it is quiet. The handling of waste management and the cleaning of the equipment and area are also included in the function. All that is necessary to create a well-thought out total solution and meet the extremely strict requirements on hygiene that are set for a flight catering kitchen.

    Airbus’ 30 years of experience and expertise are being applied to the new-generation A350 XWB, which once again will shape the future of air travel by offering a new-generation aircraft family that meets market requirements for size, range, revenue generation, passenger comfort and also the environment.

  • Diskomat Engineering with Wexiödisk Dishwashers

    Wexiödisk’s efficient, space and energy-saving alternative to conventional trolley dishwashers. The Wexiödisk WD-18CW trolley dishwasher has the most efficient and energy-saving features on the market and gives energy cost savings of up to 80% compared with old, conventional trolley dishwasher units.

    The centrifugal process between the chemical washing process and the final rinsing phase results in total water consumption as low as 6 litres per wash cycle. This low level of fresh water consumption results in equivalent savings in electricity and detergent.

    In addition the machine has a heat recovery system, which means that the machine can be operated with only cold water connection. Efficient heat and sound insulation results in an improved working environment. The unique spin-dry system produces excellent drying results without heated drying zones which use large amounts of energy.

    The WD-18CW is used by airline caterers all over the world.

  • Food Waste Collection

    Waste management, which used to be an onerous task and a risk factor in terms of hygiene, can now be largely automated, resulting in cleaner kitchens and safe hygiene, both for your guests and for your staff.

    With our solutions, the storage in open containers and manual handling of kitchen waste is avoided. Instead, the waste is transported from the kitchen into a tank, which is positioned to allow easy access for collection by a vacuum truck.

    Diskomat has the knowledge and the products necessary to fulfil the modern catering kitchens’ high demands on efficiency, hygiene and safety. We customise solutions to suit your business. We base our solutions on the amount of waste that is formed and the type of waste that you deal with.

    Environmentally friendly energy with Eco Waste Away

    We have developed the Eco Waste Away, a waste system that handles up to 2 000 liters of food waste per hour. Eco Waste Away collects and transports the organic biodegradable food waste from the kitchen to a tank. The waste is emptied into a hopper on the bench, ground into a paste carried by vacuum suction through a pipe to a storage tank. One to two times a month emptying by slurry tank car and transported to a facility that converts mass to the new environment-friendly CO2 nutral energy in the form of biogas and fertilizer.

  • Airline Catering Kitchen Dishwashing Systems

    Save money element by element, component by component

    A well-thought out total solution costs less in the long run with regard to purchasing, installation, operation and maintenance over the facility’s lifetime. It takes up less space, minimises energy losses and reduces the impact on the environment.

    Over the years, we have identified the elements and components where you can both save money and reduce the waste of resources. This means that when we create the dishwashing area of the future, perhaps your next dishwashing facility, we start at completely the opposite end to those who supply machines.

    Thousands of facilities since the 1950s

    The fact that we have focused on designing, building, installing and maintaining dishwashing facilities since the 1950s means that we literally live with our installations for the duration of their service lives and can see what works well and what works not so well. We have created thousands of facilities over the years and we take the experiences gained from these with us into new projects.


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